How to Establish Believability in Fiction Writing?

Fiction is a work of the imagination. You don't have to argue with me on that. Regardless, that doesn't mean you should let your imagination run too wild that you begin stretching the facts. That's because every time you do, you're betting on the reader to stretch their imagination just to accommodate you - it's a risk that rarely ever pans out.

Fiction writing is a result of a writer's creative imaginations for his story. It's like creating a new world where he controls the whole plot of the story and build up believable characters who will play a very important role .to make a writing worth reading.

Most readers wanted to be entertained by the book they are reading. Sometimes, they tend to read the whole story just because they wanted to know what will happen next and how it will end.

However, they will only find it interesting if they have been drowned in the story that they are reading where it seems so real and believable actions catches their attentions. Plus, the way how the writers make his story an attention-grabbing on.

Therefore, it takes a lot of steps to make your readers believe on your fiction writing. Know what the elements on writing a successful script are. To tell you honestly, it is not easy to accomplish one but you self-determination and imagination for your story will help you with that matter.

Also, creating different characters in your story is another one important thing. You've got to be sure how the main characters will lead the story and how the rest of the characters interact with each other.

As a writer, you have the full control on how your story flows. Besides, consider also the scenario which occurs possibly in the real world so that your readers can really believe on it.

What's the best way to establish the reader's trust in the narrator of your story? Keep your facts straight. Even in an imaginary universe, after all, people expect some amount of familiarity with the ongoing condition.

State flat out falsehoods and you'll be viewed as either ignorant or lazy. Either way, you lose the reader's trust with something that could be so easily fixed.

Let me spell it out for you: wrong facts turns readers off. If you believe you have a "plot" that can work in the most far-out universe you can construct, you're only kidding yourself. Even the best tales work best when told with a grain of reality. And reality is best established when the readers agree with the details you include.

With the easy availability of the internet, having the wrong facts is downright lazy. Nearly any information you want is a mere Google search away and you can't even do it? While I appreciate the value of technique, style, characters and conflict in fiction (not to mention, a good English editing software for your writing), they won't mean a thing if the reader refuses to indulge you. All because you were too busy to verify your facts. Bad idea.

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