Why Only Writing About What You Know is a Silly Rule?

Here's one cliche we've heard repeated innumerable times: only write about what you know. While there's definite value in it, that idea is as far from sensible as you can take it.

It's nonsense.

Do you think you can come up with nice ideas for your content writing if you will just write it down base on what you know?

Well, if you try to evaluate yourself, then you will know the answer however, doing that is not the answer to make your writing an effective one. Writing can influence your readers. You don't have to write if you are not fair with your writing. if you only depend with what you can possibly think, then I guess you are becoming an unfair writer.

Since writing needs facts to support your arguments, you have to be more resourceful and gather all information that is related to your topic. Read some reference or resource books. That's what you need to do than just writing base on what you know.

There are instances where you don't really know everything about the topic that you are assigned to write, that's why you need to search for more details.

Don't close yourself to what you know instead, read for more things as this will help you improve yourself, develop your writing more and enhance your knowledge which you will later write down in your content.

Can you really rely to your own self about what you have in mind when writing a topic? Don't you need any help? Well, if you think you s

If writers truly stuck to writing about what they know, no one will ever get a paying gig. Or they'll be stuck working for Writer's Digest or something like that. Or producing sales copies for their favorite writing software.

Instead of looking at what you know as the playing pool with which you can wax your composition skills, try to look at something less confined: things you're genuinely excited about. It doesn't matter how much you know about something, but how strongly you feel about it does carry a lot of weight.

Math is hardly my strong suit, yet I regularly write about technology. I can't, for the life of me, program a single object in Phython, but guess what - I've written extensively on programming languages in the past. How? Because I'm genuinely excited at the kinds of products they can produce. I'm enthused when new languages help people develop better, more powerful software. Just as, I would assume, Tom Clancy feels a fascination for all manner of military warfare or J.K. Rowling about magic.

When looking for subjects to write about, whether you're a professional looking for feature inspiration or a student coming up with essay ideas, look towards things that excite you. Even when you know little about them, your enthusiasm for the topic will do a lot to make up for it. Research is easy, especially when it's about something you can cheer for.

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