How to Write Big Ideas by Thinking Small?

Did you clearly read the title right? Is that true? How can you possibly write big ideas by just thinking small things? Don't you think it is helpful or is it just another way to confuse yourself even more and consume most of your time doing nothing?

Well, for those who don't really know what to include when writing their topic down, they always think for a better idea that will best fit the subject but unfortunately, many writers tend to get block when they are going to write.

It is a common situation that most writers are possibly going to experienced since not all can think for a better idea that can really last long. Sometimes, words just won't come on whenever you need to. It needs a deeper imagination towards the topic so you can come up with greater ideas that are absolutely unique and creative.

Now, what does the title really means? How are you going to write big if you think small? Isn't it a little bit ironic? You need to dream big and think widely in order to write big also.

You need fresh ideas to include it in your writing. This will help you write longer however if you do the opposite, would you come up with better contents?

Some people prefer to go big when they write, working to come up with prose that will do grand things. While it's novel to dream of producing world-changing material, it's usually best to avoid working in that manner. In fact, it can be detrimental, especially for younger, less-experienced writers.

If there is one caution most writers who have been through the grind can tell you, it's this: think small.

It's from the small things, after all, that big accomplishments often come from. A small and focused story is always better than one that's tantamount to a grand production at the scale of a Michael Bay action movie. Seriously. A narrower focus let you explore every facet of your subject, instead of trying to pick-and-sort through a wide, confusing field.

That doesn't mean you can't integrate big ideas into your work, either. However, it's always better to let those stem from your tight and well-confined story, rather than dreaming up a huge event right from the start.

Your readers will appreciate it. Believe me on this one. All-encompassing subjects and grand themes sound great in theory. In practice, however, they usually end up difficult to grasp for your average reader, no matter what kind of consummate writing software you use to build it up. A smaller focus, on the other hand, allows them to enter your world without much friction. Once they're in, you can take them anywhere you want - as far out as you deem necessary.

Learn to look into your creative soul. It's usually there where you'll find a small story that holds a deep and real meaning to you. Whether you realize it or not, it's the kind of sentiment most readers can identify with.

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