Stop Talking, Start Writing

Ever met someone who never shut up about the novel they're going to write? You meet them three years later and they're still telling the same story. Somehow, you get the inkling that they're never going to get that novel done.

If you find yourself in the same boat, talking about your grand plans, rather than actually working towards them, then I have one word for you: STOP. Stop talking and start writing right this very minute.

This is no different from students with class essays due for next week. Instead of deciding on a topic early and spending the rest of the time actually working, they "dream up" about the grand subjects they will be writing about.

They turn it over and over in their heads, discussing it with their friends and peers, all while staying uncommitted. Before you know it, an entire week has passed - enough time to produce a class essay if you worked on it from the beginning.

Although it is pretty annoying if you happened to be one of the listeners, still you have this feeling of appreciation about the person who keeps on dreaming with their story.

That's because even if humans can dream whatever they want, still there are those who can somehow create a smaller world and create another characters with different personalities and eventually will come up into a story with twist and excitement.

Given the knowledge in writing, he can be able to write one without talking more about the story. It is easy to judge people that way even if you only say it out loud in your mind but there are also times where you happened to be at the same feet as they are.

Imagination can't be stop especially if these imagination can be one of the reasons why you can write well. Instead of spending much of your time imagining about stories that you only created inside your mind, why not write it all down for you to have a keepsake out of it?

Besides, you can even use it in writing for some publications if you happened to submit your work to some publication companies.

Sometimes, writing your own story is like writing a diary where you keep it safe in your notebook or computers and if the time comes where you need to publish it, a little proofread and revision can change your story into a well-written one with interesting plots and twisting situations.

Instead of talking about it for months or years, if you had written it down, then you had saved most of your time and you also had the chance to improve your writing and be discovered as a good writer someday when your work is being published.

The great artist Matisse once advised his students, "If you want to be a painter, cut out your tongue." There's sublime value in that.

If you are planning to write anything, then do it now. Revising and rewriting if you do it wrong is a hundred times better (especially with time-saving writing software now available) than never getting anything off the ground.

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