How to Write Filler Material

Have you heard about filler materials? In writing, these are texts or paragraphs that are written just to fill in some spaces in any page of publication. Mostly, it is written for entertainment and for educational purposes.

While fillers are appropriately described as non-important items of writing, they can prove to be some of the more interesting pieces in a publication. Done right, they can serve more than plug blank space, becoming a regular fascination among your readers.

That crossword puzzle you enjoy answering so much in the daily paper is actually filler. Those half-page photo collages in a glossy periodical with witty, two-line captions? They're filler, too. Those capsule profiles in the corner of a page on your favorite magazine? It's the exact same thing.

As a matter of fact, even though fillers are just small text portions or something that occupies a smaller space in any page of a publication, many aspiring writers and even experts have been very famous and had improved their writing status just because they started to write fillers.

The reason behind it is that, there are a lot of readers who will prefer to read fillers that the longer passages of articles in any publications. This way, the risk of being discovered by potential employers or clients is really high and most filler material writers can be promoted or hired easily unlike any others.

When writing fillers, first of all, you've got to determine what kind of fillers you will use. There are those that are written as a trivia, an informational tip, news, IQ boosting contents, and etc.

But it is also important that you know the appropriate filler that will suit the page of a certain publication. Fillers must be written based on the article or the content that had been published on a certain page.

To do this, you need to review or study a certain topic on any newspapers or magazines for you to write on your first filler. Usually, fillers are written in a short paragraph so you need to be concise enough with what you will write.

When you publish a small newsletter, such as one for your company or your RC racing club, you will occasionally need additional material to supplement your longer pieces. That's certainly a smarter solution than padding your actual articles - your English copywriting software will be aghast.

Since you only need to fill a small space, a full piece of writing - with complete research and such - may not be necessary. In these situations, you can use filler pieces to close up the page.

The kinds of fillers you can use will depend on your publication. A company newsletter will probably be a good platform for publishing industry-specific jokes or cartoons, as well as short profiles of employees.

For a newsletter circulated within your public speaking club, on the other hand, you can publish brief profiles of famous speakers, give short one-line tips or do a quick review of a popular book of speeches.

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