What, Me, Buy an Essay?

It is very a usual thing that students experienced the pressures and stresses at school every now and then especially if they are enrolled in a modern and standard institutions or college universities.

That will likely give them a headache doing the required things where grades are at stake. And because they only have a little time to do all the things that their school intended them to, there's a bigger possibility that some of them will like to buy an immediate help in order to get all things done.

Sad to say but this is such a common situation that other students would love to do just because they can save much time and without and without any efforts to make things work. Just like writing an essay.

Your class essay's deadline is looming. You've done some work, but you can tell there's still a lot to do. While you browse the web doing more research, you come across ads on the right sidebar: Custom Essays In 24-Hrs. It'

Some advertisements assures you to have an A+ essay but you feel like this is the answer of your long week problem. Yes you have read the content that there is a ghost writer who will do all the writing in exchange with your money. You will only just purchase one or two depending upon your needs, explaining the online writer on what you wanted them to do with your essay including a set of instructions to get things work and pay for the intended amount. Moments later, you will now have your ordered essay.

So, should you?

What are the consequences if you will purchase an essay? Here's the lowdown. If you want an essay - any essay - you can come online and have one just as fast as those advertisements claim. In fact, you might be able to get them sooner, if you're fine getting a pre-made essay already in the company's stock.

So it's a good thing, right? Well, not exactly. Here's why:

1. Most of these "custom" essays usually suck. Seriously. How do you tell if you're getting an "A" paper or an "F" when you order? You don't. Even if you run it through an English writing software to ensure decent grammar, you have no control over the content and ideas. You're basically leaving your grade up to chance. Unless you have serious money to spend on multiple essays, it's a blind jump - one that you're likely to lose.

2. There will be more essays. If you keep buying work from online services, you'll never progress. All the while, other people in your class continue to get better. Guess who gets the shorter end of the stick after all's said and done?

3. You can get caught. Sure, there's probably as much chance you'll get away with it. Since you don't know where your essay came from, it's not unlikely that somebody else bought the same thing and, if you're really unlucky, submitted it for the same class. Ouch.

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