Finding the Hook in Your Writing

If you are going to write, you need to hook your readers. It has been a secret recipe in writing. To catch your reader's interest is what you need to do. In order to hook your readers, you must have to have your own writing style which will hook their interest with the topic that you are writing.

Sometimes, you need to use descriptive words, include humors in your writing, creative way of discussing your topic, catchy arguments and other techniques on making your content an interesting one. This way, you can be able to write and produce such a better and effective content for your readers to see.

Also, be creative enough with what you write and to avoid writer's block, you need to keep those ideas about your topic constantly flowing. How are you going to do it? Simple, know your topic, dig for information and understand it well. Because of that, there will be clearer visions in your head that you can apply into writing.

Another way that will help you on how to place hook in your writing, read some writing works from famous, expert or talented writers and learn something out of their writing styles. It is very important that you will set your mind and heart into writing your topic down in order to convey a message towards your readers.

When you're writing songs, the hook is one of the most essential components in a songwriter's toolkit. After all, it's the part that gives the whole thing focus, communicating the essence of the idea to the listener. It's that one line of music and lyric that catches the listener's ear, holds their attention and pulls them into the song's entirety.

If you want your song to be remembered, your hook must stick in your listener's mind. In writing, you can use the same principle to successfully attract and keep the reader's attention.

Sure, you won't have an entire band's playing to go along with your words. Neither will you be able to integrate the same musicality in a single line as you can with a poem or a song. However, there's a way to find and utilize the hook in your writing that can make it as effective as employing a writing software - if you're determined to use it to your advantage.

What's the main idea behind your piece? Is it to introduce a new brand of TV in the market? To sell potential customers on the virtue of your product? To shed the light on an often-ignored cultural event, perhaps?

Knowing your main idea is important for one reason: at the other side of that coin is your hook. The hook is the one concept that sums up everything for your readers, written in a way that is memorable. Can you sum up the piece in one line, suffusing it with raw emotion that will tug at the readers? That's the hook. Use it early, preferably as your thesis/main statement and refer back to it throughout the entirety.

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