When to Organize Your Essay With a Problem-Solution Structure

Basically, people are searching for facts regarding the problem that they are going to find an answer for. In order to solve their queries about a particular subject, they need to learn more about it and how these facts can satisfy their understanding by searching for the right answers to their problems.

Since surfing the internet is the most effective and common way of searching what they need to know, most web pages displays an informative essay that can answer their query about a particular word or group of words.

An essay with a problem-solution structure is what most people are looking for. Unlike any other essays where it's topic doesn't even contains direct solution to the problem, readers will eventually dumped it and will always favor for a direct solution essays.

If you are going to write an informative essay in order to influence the public about the topic that you are going to discuss, it is better to use the problem-solution structure as a way of writing your essay. This is just so easy and it only requires your capacity of writing effective essays.

Guided by the right information that you had gathered, you can now provide a solution to the problem that you are going to write by organizing your ideas and your gathered information well.

The Problem-Solution structure is one of my favorite ways of organizing essay. It's a beautiful dynamic. You propose a problem, you create a solution. It's a clever drama that creates issues for your readers to ponder, then summarily leads them to a valid way of resolving it.

As the name implies, you first identify a problem then offer a solution in this organizational paradigm. I've seen people do it the other way around, trying to be creative. Believe me, it usually works better in the traditional layout. Offering up a solution before sucking the reader's emotion in with a problem can leave it very clinical - one that rarely makes for an interesting read.

One Problem, Many Solutions

Any problem that you pose can have multiple solutions. You can, of course, choose to wax your essay on all of them. As a guideline, though, it generally works best when you focus your writing on a single solution, as offering too many possibilities can't help but leave your readers in doubt.

Providing Evidence

This essay structure usually works best with thesis statements whose proof relies heavily on reason and descriptions. Since these types of supporting evidence aren't inalienable facts, the Problem-Solution paradigm offers a way to propose them in a powerful way.

See, solutions are naturally borne out of sound reasoning, rather than factual or sequential events. As such, your mix of opinions, facts and the deductive relationships between them can be explored in its entirety.

Clarity Is Key

When proposing a solution and presenting supporting evidence for them, clarity is key. That's why you have to compose your text in as unambiguous a manner as you can render them. Read it twice to be certain and use the best writing software you can find. The extra work will prove worth the effort.

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