A Simple Method To Write Articles For Promoting Your Business

If you are just starting out as an article writer, the easiest method is to write articles with bullet points that list out information regarding your niche.

In your niche, you can easily write about the top 3 best ways to get sales or the top 4 tips to succeed or the top 8 things to watch out for. By expanding to a larger sphere about your specialized subject, your list article can be about the worst places to promote or the best advice on marketing.

A list article is rapid to write because it only needs a catchy title, an introductory paragraph, the list of your tips and you can end with a paragraph that summarizes it all if you wish.

You can expand on your list article by adding a few additional paragraphs for the introduction and adding more information along with each tip. Make your introduction paragraphs with just enough data to interest your readers to continue reading to find out about your tips.

Here's some tips for maximizing the success of your article:

1. Give useful information with each tip.

Focus on how the information will be useful for the reader. Explain thoroughly how using the tip will help. Giving real, beneficial information will help you to gain a larger readership.

2. Your article should be aimed at the people that you want to reach.

Speaking about that latest fashion tips in your article when your business is about book reviews is not going to get people to your site or increase your readership. Write your article on how to do a good book review with your resource box with the same type of information at your site, does increase your readership.

3. The appearance of your article should be clean and easy to read.

Paragraphs should be small with three or four sentences rather than long with several sentences. The sentences should be of various lengths instead of the same. By keep this tip in mind, you will make an article that is easy to read and instead of skimming through it, you will get people that stop to read the entire article.

4. Speak to an individual when writing an article.

Instead of writing to a group of people, write your article as if you are speaking to one person. Give that person the benefits that he will get from reading what you are writing. Creating your article in this manner will not only preserve your unique personality but also increase your readership.

5. Check for mistakes in your article.

Keep your articles professional. Use a spellchecker - a good one to use is at If you cut and paste or delete parts of what you typed, be sure that you did not leave any parts of sentences or words as it looks very amateur. Lastly, check your grammar, there is a handy tool online to check it at

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