Writing As Yourself

Writing needs you to be with yourself. That means, your mind and your heart must a common interest for the topic that you are going to write. This will help you to express what you really feel and think about your topic and for you to extend your message towards your readers.

Writing can create a new character whether you are talking to your audience or you created a story that will evolve around the character that you had created. It depends upon the topic you had.

However, as a writer, it is like you are talking in front of your readers and tell them what you really want to convey in your writing. There are a lot of ways how a certain writer express their thoughts and feelings for their audiences and depending on what character they need to portray or use in order to maintain that certain connection between the writer and for the readers.

When you write, do you take on another persona? Do you write as if your fifth-grade English teacher somehow takes over your consciousness? Do your words sound like your favorite writer? A memorable character from a movie, perhaps?

As an exercise, try writing your next piece as yourself. We don't mean explaining things in your own words. Rather, we implore you to put your personality into the work, letting the words spring up, suffused with ideas and opinions that are real to you (don't forego the writing software tools, though). At the end of the day, your voice may prove to be the most compelling aspect of your writing - the one that draws your readers in.

They say we put on hats whenever we write. When you compose a technical document, for instance, you wear your engineer garb, spouting technical details like you've taught classes on it all year long. When turning out a white paper, you put on your professional cap, furnishing copy that reflects the business values of the company you're representing.

The secret? Of course you already know. If you are going to write, you need to be yourself. Write as yourself and not somebody else especially if you are on an informational content writing. But when you are on story writing, it is very obvious that you don't have to include yourself within your writing. Instead, use unique character that you had created for the story that you are going to write.

While many instances will compel us to write using a voice that's not entirely our own, you don't have to go that same route every single time. There are many writing opportunities where it is perfectly fine to just be yourself, putting out copy that's true to your heart.

If you decide to write without putting on a hat, you'll be amazed at what it can do for you. If you ever find yourself losing passion for the craft, it's just the trigger that might reignite it. Try it the next time you sit down to write.

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