How to Set Up Shop in Your Reader's Mind
Writing is not for academic purposes only. Many people, mostly students, who think the same about writing since they keep on submitting write-ups and other compositions at their school and in any college universities.
By Jane Sumerset
Writing As Yourself
Writing needs you to be with yourself. That means, your mind and your heart must a common interest for the topic that you are going to write. This will help you to express what you really feel and think about your topic and for you to extend...
By Jane Sumerset
Methods of Writing Opinion Essay
Every country's fundamental rights proclaim that everyone has the right to voice their opinion. Voice opinions are fine but when you sit down to pen down your opinion in an intelligent and concise way, it can be a challenging task!
By Chris Carter
How to Convince Your Readers by Raising Your Product's Perceived Value
Writing plays a very important role in the business world. If you want to let your readers know about the business you are going to invest, you can write something about a certain product or services that you can offer.
By Jane Sumerset
Using White Papers For Good, Not For Evil
Ever heard about writing on a white paper? Do you know what that means? It is not something like writing on a white piece of paper. That's how some people interpret it literally.
By Jane Sumerset
The First Draft
Writing the first draft is what you are going to do after you had gathered all the necessary information to support your topic, planning out your whole content and after you had prepared your ideas for the subject that you are going to write.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Write Product Reviews for the Web
Before buying a product, most people go online to find reviews. If you find a certain product interesting and if you have some second thoughts before buying it, you need to read some product reviews in order to know more about that product.
By Jane Sumerset
Style Tips For Complaint Letters
Complaint letter writing is usually done in any business field. Usually, the customer or the client can wrote one if they find something wrong about the product or service that they had purchased by a certain company and feels frustrated about...
By Jane Sumerset
How to Correctly Use Numbers on Your Titles
Numbers are often used in writing. It usually appears on the content. But, what if you are going to include numbers in the title of your composition? do you know how to place them the right way?
By Jane Sumerset
3 Ways to Dress Up Your Writing With Details
You'd read the title right. You need to know how to dress up your writing by placing the necessary details that fit your topic.
By Jane Sumerset
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