How to Be Comfortable Writing in the Third Person
A writer can use any writing style depending upon they selection. Writing is a way to communicate with your audience and to convey a message between a writer and his readers.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Revise Fiction
Yes it's true that writing fictions is such an interesting yet challenging thing to do. After all, you will find yourself in the end writing for the first draft while letting your ideas flow over and include it in your writing.
By Jane Sumerset
Write an Article or Get a Root Canal!
If you had a choice to write an article or have a root canal which would you choose? If you're like most folks, you would rather have the root canal rather than have to write a card or letter, let alone a blog or article on a regular basis.
By Larry L. Miller
How to Use Conflict in Your Writing
Do you Use Conflict in your Writing? If you compose a lot of fiction, you probably do. After all, conflict is the real basis of a good plot. Without the drama caused by conflict...
By Jane Sumerset
The Different Types of Figurative Language
If there is a figurative language that I guess you all know what that means, then there is also what we called figurative writing. This is based on the definition of figurative language but only, you have to use or include it into writing.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Write Filler Material
Have you heard about filler materials? In writing, these are texts or paragraphs that are written just to fill in some spaces in any page of publication.
By Jane Sumerset
The Importance of Verifying Facts
No matter how well you compose a piece of writing, no amount of creative technique will save your work if your details aren't correct. That's why checking facts is just as important to writing as using a grammar checker - your work's...
By Jane Sumerset
Types of Newsletters and Their Content
Newsletters are just one of the many ways in writing that draws a line between the writer and his audience. It serves as to communicate and share significant news to every reader out there whether they are local citizens, students or...
By Jane Sumerset
What, Me, Buy an Essay?
It is very a usual thing that students experienced the pressures and stresses at school every now and then especially if they are enrolled in a modern and standard institutions or college universities. That will likely give them a headache...
By Jane Sumerset
How to Write Winning Scholarship Essays
Many scholarships require you to write an essay in order to fall into the running for consideration. That's why, if you're the sort of person who panics at the prospects of completing a writing assignment, your chances of winning a...
By Jane Sumerset
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