Writing Without Apology
How to write without apology? Do you read it right or are you confuse why the title is stated like that? Truth is, you heard the title right. Have you ever read any text or articles where the author sounded like he is...
By Jane Sumerset
Big Writing Goals? Start With a Big Idea
In writing, it is very important to have your own writing goals. This makes you drive on with your work rater than to take it for granted and allow writing deadlines to come quickly without warning.
By Jane Sumerset
Writing From the Heart!
In some of our recent articles we've discussed some of the features and benefits of article writing. Every writer has a different spin on how an article should be structured, and what information should be shared in the content and which should...
By Larry L. Miller
How to Strengthen Your Language
Language plays an important role in writing. We all know that but the question is, do you know how to use it well into writing? The here problem is that, even if you know how to use a certain language in a daily conversation, when it comes to...
By Jane Sumerset
Presenting a Piece Dramatically
Do you know the inner essence of writing? Do you think it is because you have to share something to the public and influence them about the topic that you are writing?
By Jane Sumerset
Good Dialogue: What Can it Do?
New into writing? Then welcome to the club. To help you start with, here's a reminder for you. Writing is not just a simple thing that you can only just take it for granted. It has a lot of forms and a lot of considerations to follow.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Cope With Deadlines
You are most likely looking for a solution on how to write fast and cope up with your writing deadline. It is true that there are times where you didn't catch the deadline since there are a lot of people who experienced the same thing.
By Jane Sumerset
Cut and Paste Revising
I hate revising as much as the next guy. Regardless I can't deny its value. To lessen the load, most writers come up with personal rules to make the process more streamlined. The "cut and paste" method is one of those.
By Jane Sumerset
Four Editing Tips That Should Help Your Writing
For those who are not yet aware on how to write well, here's what you need to know. Writing is not more on jotting down words that will construct your content. It is also important to know and go through the editing process.
By Jane Sumerset
The Two Skills of Writing
Writing is such a very complicated task. You need to undergo a lot of process and learn more things that will aid you to write better and successfully.
By Jane Sumerset
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