Adding an 'E' to the ABCs of Writing
Much is made of the ABCs of writing - accuracy, brevity, clarity - but there is a fourth more, advanced component to good writing. That's "euphony," a word many people do not know.
By Mike Consol
Writing Myths: Writing in One Big Torrent
It is true that writing is not just an ordinary thing to do. It takes a lot of responsibilities too. As a writer, you need to know these responsibilities for your writing.
By Jane Sumerset
Writing A Good Paper Is Like Building A House
Some people say that writing a good paper is like building a strong house. I couldn't agree more. The writing process is a long and tedious activity consisting of many steps.
By Jane Sumerset
Write From Your Whole Self
If you aim to write a meaningful and successful content, then you should write deeply from your heart. Which also means, you need to write from your whole self.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Show Your Readers Respect?
In writing, your target is your readers. The concept of the topic is always absorb in the minds of your readers which make them think and react with that matter. Sometimes, writing can serve as an entertainment or an informational tool for them.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Make an Essay "Yours?"
Of course, when you write an essay or any article, this makes it yours. Who could've stolen it? It's going to be yours since you wrote it by yourself. However, did you ever think that even if you are writing an article by yourself, there's...
By Jane Sumerset
How to Use a Reader-Friendly Writing Structure?
When writing an article, an essay or any forms of content writing, it is important that you can communicate well and directly to your readers without any difficulties. Your main target in writing is for your readers to love what your write.
By Jane Sumerset
Do You Have to Love Your Subject When You Write?
A good writer should be able to write competently about anything. Regardless of their feelings for a subject, they should be able to find the words to express their topic clearly.
By Jane Sumerset
Book Reports For Middle and High School Level Students
It is indeed a fact that everyone has a busy life to face each day but when it comes in writing creatively and maintaining it sharp, we always fall in to spending most of our time in reading longer passages and articles over the internet or...
By Jane Sumerset
How to Start Every Writing Project Correctly?
In order to write a project correctly, first of all, you need to set up plans to make it all work well. This will make your writing task easy to handle and to finish it according to you plans in no time.
By Jane Sumerset
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