Adding an 'E' to the ABCs of Writing
Much is made of the ABCs of writing - accuracy, brevity, clarity - but there is a fourth more, advanced component to good writing. That's "euphony," a word many people do not know.
By Mike Consol
Writing A Good Paper Is Like Building A House
Some people say that writing a good paper is like building a strong house. I couldn't agree more. The writing process is a long and tedious activity consisting of many steps.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Show Your Readers Respect?
In writing, your target is your readers. The concept of the topic is always absorb in the minds of your readers which make them think and react with that matter. Sometimes, writing can serve as an entertainment or an informational tool for them.
By Jane Sumerset
Writing From the Heart!
In some of our recent articles we've discussed some of the features and benefits of article writing. Every writer has a different spin on how an article should be structured, and what information should be shared in the content and which should...
By Larry L. Miller
How to Make Comedy Writing a Career Choice?
The best place to start your trip into the world of comedy is in front of your mirror. Here you can practice your jokes and comedy routines until they are perfect, with no one to put you down or laugh in the wrong places.
By Laura S James
Comedy Writing : How to Develop Your Own Comedy Style?
Comedy comes in several basic styles and each comedian usually concentrates on the particular style that suits them. That is not to say they can't or don't dabble in the other styles, but sometimes a particular style is so suited to a comedian...
By Laura S James
Comedy Writing : How to Choose the Role of a Performer or Writer?
The performer gets a thrill out of being on stage and delivering his lines so that everyone laughs. The writer may prefer to take time to get those funny lines just right.
By Laura S James
Write an Article or Get a Root Canal!
If you had a choice to write an article or have a root canal which would you choose? If you're like most folks, you would rather have the root canal rather than have to write a card or letter, let alone a blog or article on a regular basis.
By Larry L. Miller
The Different Types of Figurative Language
If there is a figurative language that I guess you all know what that means, then there is also what we called figurative writing. This is based on the definition of figurative language but only, you have to use or include it into writing.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Write Filler Material
Have you heard about filler materials? In writing, these are texts or paragraphs that are written just to fill in some spaces in any page of publication.
By Jane Sumerset
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