How To Write In The Second Person Without Patronizing Your Readers?
Writers do have the freedom to choose how to write effectively. It has been an option whether you write in the first, second and third person.
By Jane Sumerset
Four Ways to Combine Sentences
Sentences are very useful in declaring and stating your ideas in writing. But when your sentences are poorly written, then your content is of no use or will likely be found as a trash.
By Jane Sumerset
The Value of Being Precise
Writing your contents in a precise manner is just the right thing that you need to do. In order to produce such an effective content, you need to write it clearly, concisely and accurately.
By Jane Sumerset
Personal Statement Writing - Start With a Sample
Many grad programs at various universities and specialty schools will require you to write a personal statement in order for you to apply to the school and if you are not sure what to write then you need to know where to look so that you can...
By Jason Kay
How to Avoid Writing in Primer Style?
If you are a first time writer and assigned not to write in primer style, you might wonder what does it mean and why it exist? Writing is more on putting up words together to form a complete thought and where ideas of the writer can be...
By Jane Sumerset
Abstract Versus Concrete Writing
In writing, there has been a conflict on how to write your content effectively. Many writers have been in a situation on what to decide between concrete and abstract writing.
By Jane Sumerset
The Topic Sentence: When to Use It
In a short article writing, the first sentences is always the most important part than the rest of the sentences in the content. The first sentence is usually known as the topic sentence which contains the main idea of the article.
By Jane Sumerset
A Checklist For Writing Concisely
Whatever you purpose in writing, you always have this though of writing concisely in order to get a better chance of people to read your work. It is really not easy to garner a lot of readers with just a click.
By Jane Sumerset
Writing That Can Confuse Your Readers
It's really hard when you found yourself reading a certain piece where you think it's interesting but the content seems to be so confusing. Blur content is a result of writing such a confusing piece.
By Jane Sumerset
How to Get a Better Essay Score?
When writing for academic essays, students usually aimed to write a better and qualified content to get an A in their class. Although it is a bit annoying when essay writing becomes a daily homework in most colleges and universities, still,...
By Jane Sumerset
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