Ebook Publishing: Ebooks and Print Books and How You Can Publish Both

Publishing printed books used to be difficult and expensive. Then along came ebook publishing which turned the publishing industry on its head because now publishing ebooks was so easy to do.

But did you know that it's now just as easy to publish a printed book as it is to publish an ebook?

Publishing printed books used to be difficult, slow and expensive. But ebook publishing changed all that with its speed, simplicity and lack of cost.

Self published authors quickly turned to ebook publishing as a way to make money. And many are doing very successfully and have become ebook publishing millionaires.

Yet not many self publishers consider print publishing as well, because they believe that it is still slow and expensive to do.

But did you know that it's just as easy now to publish your book as a POD (Print On Demand) paperback or hard cover book, as it is to publish it as an ebook?

In fact, you can publish your book as a print book and an ebook in less than one hour, and it won't cost you anything.

As you probably already know, the fastest and easiest way to publish an ebook is by publishing it for the Amazon Kindle. Having a Kindle publishing account is easy to do and publishing an ebook with Amazon only takes one click.

But what about publishing your book as a print book too? There may be readers out there who would prefer a print copy of your book, or who may, after reading your book as an ebook, want to own a printed copy too.

Well, you can do both.

If you want to have a printed edition of your ebook, you can do it for free using Amazon's Create Space publishing platform or Lulu.com's POD publishing platform. Both companies will publish your book for free and even offer cover templates that you can use if you don't have a book cover of your own.

The dashboard on both websites for using the cover templates and producing a print cover (front-spine-back) is point-and-click simple. And you can publish your ebook and your print books on either Amazon.com or Lulu.com and both sites are as easy to use as each other.

Lulu.com also have the offer, if you want to take advantage of it, of offering your ebooks for sale through other online ebooks stores including iTunes and Barnes & Noble.

And if you get stuck at all, both Amzon.com and Lulu.com offer plenty of advice and guidance about self publishing. But you really shouldn't need it because it's so simple to do. That's why so many authors are self publishing their own books now.

So if you're self publishing your own ebooks, why not consider also selling them as POD print books and open your work up to a whole new audience of those who can't or don't read ebooks.

It won't cost you any more to do it and once your account is set up it's easy to repeat the whole process with every book you write.

And because it's so easy, it gives you more time to get back to what you love to do the most, which is writing more books.

About the author: Ruth Barringham has been working as a freelance writer and author since the 1990s. She has written several books, has co-authored 2, and runs a website where she helps others become self published authors. Her latest ebook is called "E-Publish and be Damned! How you can Make a Million Writing Your Own Ebooks." See this and more for writers at http://writeaholics.net

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