The Positive Influence of a Confident Voice

The power of one's voice, one's posture and body language can all be part of the equation. When you have all of these factors in sync you become empowered and you become a tangible force that can be very helpful from every thing to job interviews for employment to teaching a class of students.

Your inflections, diction and pacing are very important. When I speak to someone on the phone related to technical support I will either listen and resolve the problem or hang up in frustration simply because I respond in a negative manner to the other person's voice.

It is important to be a good listener as well as a good speaker. They go hand in hand, especially when there is eye contact. I realize that sometimes eye contact often makes people nervous but I will teach you a trick I learned years ago. Instead of looking someone right in the eyes, focus on the space between the eyes, just above the nose. You create the illusion of looking in the other person's eyes without you becoming self- conscious otherwise you may draw the power away from the other person and put them on the defensive.

When communicating with people, whether it is on the phone, radio, or TV is so important for the listener to feel as though they are the only one you are communicating with. You must be honest, believable and communicate with conviction.

We have all heard stories of how a horse can smell the fear in you and hence, takes control and may even take you for a ride but if the horse senses you are not fearful and in control, the horse will respond to you as a rider and respond to your requests and realizes you are in control.

Communicating also involves awareness of timing. Sometimes something critical needs to be expressed, but the timing isn't right. Look for moments when the person you want to communicate with, is not distracted and can be present. If what you have to say is unsettling for that person, the more you can be calm and present what you have to say with compassion, the more that person will be able to hear you.

Do you know how you sound to others? Have you ever heard a recording of yourself on video or an answering machine and it catches you off guard? If not, it might be fun to record yourself, see what you think. Is there room for improvement? What would it take to improve your delivery? Sometimes when we are emotional the register of our voice goes up, which can be unsettling for a listener. Just as we all have fingerprints, unique to us, we all have 'voiceprints' unique to us. Sometimes all we need is to raise our consciousness about our voice, and just doing that can really make a difference.

So whether you are speaking directly one on one, being video taped or on the phone, it's important to realize the impact the sound of our voice can make on others.

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