Do You Know What Happens on Stage?

Imagine yourself standing in front of a crowd of people that you do not even know. You are supposed give a talk to these people, and they are just sitting down, hanging on to your every move, gesture and sound. You begin to sweat, and you are not sure what to say anymore.

Before you know it, you have visions of them leaving their seats and heading for the exit. Or worse yet, you see them laugh at every word you say, at every stutter or apology you make. You begin to sweat profusely. You pause right in front of the microphone, half-expecting a tomato to fly right at your face. Does this seem familiar?

It is said that public speaking is one of the worst fears of a person. In fact, that is one of the major nightmares of a person; to be publicly humiliated, usually manifesting in dreams with the person walking naked while everyone just look, and probably even laugh. This is an expression of a subconscious fear of speaking in front of other people. But do you really know what happens on stage?

It is the paradoxical tendency of people to want to be on the spotlight, but at the same time, fear that very same desire. Being on the spotlight means fame for most people. But at the same time, you also become very vulnerable to attacks. This fear is not unfounded. However, if you really wish to gain something, then you have to be willing to sacrifice something in return. And that sacrifice can turn out to be your own fear. Take the risk and jump on stage, and see what happens. You only live once, and then you end up regretting what you have not done what you could have.

The stage can be a frightening place. It is a symbol of power, and most people feel they are not ready to handle that, although externally they want to pretend but only those who stand tall on stage can truly claim that feeling of power. The power to influence others through their every word and gesture are indeed a powerful feeling. And it can do a lot of good if you have noble intentions.

If you dream of motivating others, if you desire a much better improvement in your surrounding situation and in the lives of others, then you may be prepared to stand tall on stage and show the people of the world that some things are worth the risk.

If you want more in your life, then you will have to step up. Being in the audience is a good way to learn. But you will also learn a lot more once you are taking the lead, and showing people the way. Being a follower will not cut it for the rest of your life. You may end up regretting of not taking the chance to stand.

Why wait until you are sixty years old and regret? Move and pave the way. Stand up and do the work. See for yourself what happens on stage.

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