The Biggest Mistake in Copywriting

Sometimes in order to succeed we need to learn how to fail. There are many things you should do to succeed in writing good sales copy but there are also some things you should not do. The biggest mistake in business is to write a sales page and just leave it there. Yet you will find many people doing this. Your sales page is the lifeline of your business and as such you need to pay special attention to it.

One area you need to be aware of is how well your sales page is converting. Firstly what do we mean by "sales conversion?" In a nutshell it is how many of your website visitors are actually buying your product or service. For example if 100 people come to your website and 1 buys you will count that as a 1% sales conversion. However if 100 people come to your website and 5 buy it will be a 5% sales conversion. Now obviously you want to raise the sales conversion of your visitors as much as you can.

To do this you will need to have a method of testing.

The best example of this is called split testing. We have discussed this in previous editions so here is a brief recap of what it is. Basically it is a comparison of two different ads or sales pages, selling the same thing. You check each one and see which has the best sales conversions.

An easy to follow system for split testing your sales page is as follows.

1. Write or have written 2 sales pages for your product or service.

2. Set up 2 landing pages for each.

3. Drive 50% of your traffic to one sales page and 50% to the other. Here are 3 ways to do this.
a. If you are using Google Adwords Google has a system set up to allow you to split test ads.
b. Article marketing and blogs: just change the links in the bio for your article or follow link in your blog.
c. Alternatively you can use software to automatically split the traffic for you. Look up "software for split testing" in Google.

4. Check how many visitors are coming to each landing page with your website stats.

5. Check how many sales you make per 100 visitors. If you have a 1000 visitors simply divide everything by 10 and you will get the sales conversion percentage.

If you are a beginner at this form of testing then you can start with the A/B method. This takes a little longer but is simple to do. In this method only one variable is tested at a time. Key areas for testing are:

* Headline
* Subheadline
* Inserting different trigger words
* Changing PS
* Changing price
* Offering a free trial

Only one of these areas can be changed at one time for the A/B method. You should run the test for at least 1 month to see results.

The Google Website Optimizer is a free tool offered by Google to help you set up a split test. This makes this system easy to set up. You can start increasing sales conversions today and grow your business with this easy testing system.

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