Who Hates Hype - And Should You Care?
For more than a decade, I've had a listening post up on this topic, observing wailing and head-scratching on both sides. On the one hand, many marketers model and advise weird, emotion-soaked headlines, fast-talking superlatives...
By Marcia Yudkin
Writing Your Services Page: How to Reel in Clients Who Are Not Yet Committed
When someone arrives at the Services page of your website, they probably already read your home page, then clicked on the Services link to know more. They may or may not have checked out your bio. Either way, odds are that they come to your...
By Marcia Yudkin
The Biggest Mistake in Copywriting
Sometimes in order to succeed we need to learn how to fail. There are many things you should do to succeed in writing good sales copy but there are also some things you should not do. The biggest mistake in business is...
By Catherine Qazalbash
What is Copywiting?
Copywriting is the use of words and ideas to promote a person, business, opinion or idea. Although the word copy may be applied to any content intended for printing, the term copywriter is generally limited to promotional situations.
By Wikipedia