The Power of Article Directories!

The Power of Article Directories!

In online marketing, you must use any strategy that will help you get you recognized by online users as well as the search engines. Article Directories are fast becoming the method of choice by many webmasters and SEO promotion companies for getting information regarding a product or service before the masses of the internet.

With an article directory, you are provided with a centralized location for submitting and promoting your articles on any subject you choose. There are countless numbers of website owners who need fresh content to their site on a regular basis to help them promote their opportunity. Newsletter and ezine publishers are constantly on the lookout for fresh content to share with their subscribers.

As soon as you set up an article directory, it starts working for you immediately. You write an article and submit to one or more directories and immediately your system goes to work publishing your information for the world of online users to view. What a powerful tool for promoting your product, service or your website.

There's several advantage we want to cover when promoting with an article directory. This can be your own directory or a directory that is open for the public to post to. One of the advantages of article writing that is often overlooked, is the links that directories generate, pointing links back for your website. This is a powerful way to generate tons of back links to your website.

The search engines loves links and place a lot of weight on the amount of links pointing back to your site as well as the quality of those links. A back link is actually is a vote of confidence for your site and the more links your site receives, the higher the page rankings the search engine will give you.

When you write an article and publish your writings in a directory, there are other websites that may pick up your writings and feature your article in newsletters, ezines, emails etc... This process will increase traffic to your website, generate sales and make you money. That's what marketing is all about. The more traffic you get the more exposure to online users which could become your new clients.

By writing articles and posting in directories, you will soon be recognized as an expert in your field, in the eyes of the readers on a particular topic of interest. This exposure could lead into unlimited business opportunities of possible joint ventures or even more profitable possibilities.

Every time you post an article you are building a natural source of traffic to your website which could last for years to come. This may become one of the most cost effective methods of promotion ever used by professional marketers.

Posting in multiple venues of marketing programs would take years of hard work to establish a following of clients. Article Marketing will create a fresh source of new leads because someone is going to eventually be turned on by your quality information. When viewing other articles in the directories if there is an article that applies to your opportunity, you can copy the article, leave it in its original format including the author's bio, and publish the article in your directory.

There are normally hundreds of categories in article directories that you can choose from to post your writings to. Since most subject matters will cover more than one niche of a business, you can increase your exposure substantially by posting in different categories in different directories. This will keep more users coming back to your opportunity on a regular basis to see what new information you have posted.

The possibilities of using article directories are endless. If this article has sparked an interest in this type of marketing, do your research and see some additional possibilities that may fit your marketing needs.

Larry L Miller ( - SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting clients to "Top Positions on Google" and other leading search engines. Mr. Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders ( the leader in Automated Marketing Systems. Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121

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