What is Article Marketing?

When it comes to internet marketing there is one strategy that always stands out and use by every webmaster not because it is the most expensive or easy to do. In fact, it is the exact opposite of these two characteristic, and this is none other than article marketing.

So what is article marketing? Why is it so popular with every marketers and widely use compared to other marketing techniques that is use online? If you have never heard of article marketing before, let me surprised you by saying that what you are reading right at this very moment is a form of article marketing. Yes! That is right; this very article is one good sample of article promotion or advertising that is extensively used by everyone.

Article marketing is the best choice when it comes to marketing methods online because it has the potential to go viral if the content is good. Keep in mind the phrase content is king, because a really good article can generate lots of traffic and potential sales. This very reason is why every marketer would always hire good writers to write the articles.

This method of marketing is easy to do if you have the flair for writing yourself and if you want to save money. However, we all know that internet marketing has stiff competition and therefore a daily posting of articles is needed to ensure that your site could generate larger traffic every day. Since writing takes time and the fact that it is impossible not to experience writer's block, hence it is necessary to hire someone to do it for you on a regular basis.

Furthermore, an excellent article can also get you at the top of the search engine results page, which is why it is a must that every article is compelling enough to make the readers take action which is beneficial to your business. In addition, article can stay for 2 years online and that means you have a long-term promotion for only a fraction of the usual cost of advertising or cost-free is you wrote the articles yourself. In other words, article marketing is efficient in promoting your niche or website and help you rank in the SERP.

To maintain the effectiveness of article marketing there are just a few reminders that you need to take note in article writing. For one, the article title must be catchy and one that could make them stops to read the article, then make sure that your content is interesting but also helpful and do not forget to keep the paragraphs short so as not to bore the readers.

Moreover, it is vital that all your articles have the necessary links or backlinks to get people to visit your site and the article must also be fully optimized with keywords to help the spiders find it. An article without this is useless and therefore not really what we called article marketing.

Follow these simple advice and your article marketing will bring you increase of traffic and then sales.

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