Top 10 Strategies Demonstrate How Writing Articles Can Boost Your Online Business

Website Owners and Webmasters have all realized the importance of writing articles and how these articles can boost their online business. Good quality articles are in great demand. Serious and dedicated entrepreneurs and Newbies scour the Internet searching for articles to gather information, improve their knowledge and also publish them in their websites, ezines and article directories.

Just writing articles and publishing them in your website or blog is not going to boost your income. The secret of success lies in not only writing articles of quality but also in the various strategies you adopt in promoting your articles. You should always ensure that your Resource box at the end of the article has a live link to your website.

1. Write quality articles and submit them to high PR websites that accept articles for publication and are in the same theme as your online business.

2. Submit your articles to article directories and ezines of repute for publication. Authoritative articles that display your expertise will be grabbed by webmasters and published in their websites.

3. Have your own article directory in your website and regularly update your directory with your articles. You will soon have a regular stream of visitors.

4. Engage a reliable and popular paid article distributor who will distribute your articles to hundreds of article directories and websites.

5. Writing articles can be profitable too. Compile your articles into an e-book and start an affiliate program for the publication. Allow other people to sell your e-book for a percentage of the profits. You will soon have hundreds of people promoting your product thus boosting your online business.

6. Group all your articles category wise such as homes based business, internet marketing, affiliate marketing and small business, publish them as e-books along with your ads. and distribute them free to your customers and visitors.

7. Compile an e-book of some of your articles and sell the Reprint Rights to the publication for 100% of the profits. The strategy here is to include ads for other products that you're selling which means sales for these products too thus boosting your online income.

8. Allow other publishers of e-books to include some of your articles in their e-books as long as they agree to have your resource box with a life link is included in them.

9. Today Social Bookmarking sites have become very popular attracting enormous traffic. Reap the benefits of this traffic by submitting your articles to the popular Social Bookmarking sites such as, Furl, Blinklist Stumpleupon and Simpy on a regular basis.

10. Sign up with Twitter and Facebook, two powerful and popular Social Networking sites in the Internet today. Submit your articles or links to these powerful Social Networking sites on a regular basis if done correctly the traffic generated can be phenomenal...

Writing articles is one of the most successful strategies adopted by webmasters for driving traffic to their websites. Implementing the above methods will ensure a continuous stream of targeted visitors from a broad cross section of the Internet thus boosting your online business.

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