Managing the Morning Commute
Before you know it, traffic can be backed up for miles, making you late to work, frustrated in the morning, and feeling mighty helpless. So, how do you manage the commute and make it as bearable as possible?
By Taylor Thomas
Do What's Important First, No Matter What
Often times, we are overloaded with little tasks everyday. Little bits of work can often overwhelm us and fill up or day. Usually we start by knowing the most important task we need to do for the day.
By Irsan Komarga
How to Assign Tasks to Time Management as a Job Seeker?
There are two different ways that job seekers tend to get in trouble with assigning time values to specific tasks: You don't allow enough time to complete the task properly When this happens, one of two things is about to happen.
By Brian Scott
How to Set Realistic Goals in Time Management and Job Seeking?
One of the best ways to not get discouraged with your time managing efforts is to be realistic about how you approach your list of things to do and schedule time to accomplish them. This means understanding how long you need to complete each task...
By Brian Scott
How to Take Control of Time Management as a Job Seeker
Your first step to take control of time management is to realize you have a problem. Without admitting that you have lost your sense of perspective, you have no hope of ever recovering it.
By Brian Scott
How to Manage Your Time as You Seek Employment
As busy job seekers, we seem to drift through our work, never worried about anything and never seeming to accomplish anything. At some point, we swoop in and pick up our slack. Or we simply role with the punches, do no more than we have to...
By Brian Scott