Coping With Anxiety

When a person is suffering from anxiety it is their body's way of naturally responding toward a perceived threat but this does not always mean a physical threat. It could be feeling anxious about going on a blind date or having to give a presentation at work. Sometimes people become anxious worrying about things that other people do not even think about. Anxiety is normal for people to experience but if it is causing you to drift away from family and friends, creating troubles in your life both socially and at work, taking more control over your mind than it should, or starting to cause health issues it is time to get it back under control.

Some of the ways you can cope with anxiety as well as professional therapy and counseling, meditation, breathing exercise, can include:

* Learning to appreciate life--this is one of the most important things that you can do to help cope with anxiety. Many people moan about how imperfect their lives are because they are overweight, no one likes them, they have a difficult boss or teacher, etc. Instead of moaning and complaining look on the bright side and start to appreciate life. Take a walk and look at the wonders of nature, look at the wonders in the sky, spend time with friends and family. Find things that bring you inspiration and soon you will feel your anxiety melting away as you begin to appreciate life.

* Reopen you wish list--everyone has at one time or another in their life made a wish list of things that they wanted to do like graduate from college, take a trip to a foreign city like Paris, take a cruise, lose weight, get a job they like, and more. Add, delete, or even make a new list and make some of those wish list items happen. Go back to school to get that degree or save money for that special trip. It is great to have something to work towards.

* Turn the negative into the positive--one of the major ways of dealing with anxiety is to face your fears whatever they are. Do not try to fight them, run away from them, or hide from them. If you are feeling anxious about not getting that new promotion or passing that last exam think positive and tell yourself that you are going to get that new promotion and that you are going to pass that exam. Thinking positive instead of negatively will help to reduce those anxious feelings.

* Divert your energies--when you feel anxious your body releases the hormone adrenaline into your bloodstream and causes your body to go into the mode of fight-for-your-survival. When this happens you start to become restless, have irregular breathing, dizziness, and sweating. Instead of focusing on the destructive nature of anxiety divert your energy into something constructive and positive like exercising by going for a run, ride your bicycle, swim, take a brisk walk, etc. You want to do something that will make you sweat and release all that built-up energy in your body.

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