Cure For Panic Attacks - Simple Effective Systems To Use For Panic Attacks

Here are some extremely simple yet very effective techniques to help experience a treatment for panic episodes so you can start to live the ordinary healthy life that you deserve completely free of fear.

The very first thing you need to do is come to the realization that what is happening to you is a panic episode and not a coronary or approaching death. That in and of itself can help a lot. At the start of a panic attack, make sure to remind yourself this is simply a panic attack, you are not going to die, it'll eventually pass.

A simply implemented treatment for panic fits is a simple respiring exercise. A particularly effective one is to put all your concentration on your breathe and count to oneself breathing in 1, breathing out one, breathing in two, breathing out two, all the way up to 10 and start over.

Another cure for panic attacks you can use is to watch your watch or a clock with a second hand. Watch the minute hand and tell yourself, if you're not dead or going absolutely mad, once one minute passes you will be all right. Then concentrate on watching the second hand move and try not to think about anything else but the second hand. When one minute is up, do a similar thing again.

Go for two minutes to distract you from the indicators of the panic fit. Symptoms like your hands going numb, the sensation that you cannot breathe, the idea that you are having a heart attack, the fear. Targeting the second hand is a distraction from those thoughts.

While doing this you'll still feel all of those feelings, but you want to concentrate with all your might on that second hand. Repeat the method until the panic episode passes, and it'll pass. Keep reminding yourself that it is just a panic episode, not upcoming death, does help a lot also.

Say stuff like I've been here before and I know what is going on. It's just my mind playing tricks on me, I'm going to be all right. Just keep doing whatever you can to distract yourself until the attack subsides.

By just sitting there and experiencing the symptoms will only make the panic episode worse. You have to get out of that place and take your concentration off your symptoms and put it on a cure for panic attacks.

Realize that a panic fit is a wave, and it will pass on its own as long as you do not re-enforce it by focusing on your fear and your symptoms. Put your focus anywhere else, and ride it out. It'll pass. Keep reminding yourself that it's simply a panic fit that you are not in any actual danger. It is just your mind messing with you. You will be O.K.

Start applying those tips immediately. you will start seeing the changes in yourself. But don't mess up by making silly mistakes or while calling your ex. To get a detailed step by step action plan on how to stop anxiety attacks including some powerful psychological tactics, go treat panic attacks here.

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