Use Green and Blue Images to Relax Yourself

It is a well known fact that the colors we are surrounded with have the ability to affect our moods. Colors such as the various reds and oranges can stimulate and agitate us whereas greens and blues can calm us down. If you are facing a lot of problems with trying to relax, it would be good for you to surround yourself with these colors. Meditation and relaxation therapists suggest that one gaze upon blue images and objects in order to get the maximum benefit.

Studies have shown that blue light has low energy. As a matter of fact, doctors and healers use it to cure ailments such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD) which affects people during winter. Feelings of depression can be cured by bright light treatment as well as with green and blue light. However, the biggest uses of these colors are to get people to relax and to sleep well.

Gazing at blue images and objects has the ability to get the body to synthesize hormones to calm it down. Green is a very calming color as well and it has the ability to improve eye sight. It is no wonder, therefore, that these colors are found so much in nature. These colors are both used in hospitals because of the need to relax patients as well as their family members in stressful circumstances. You will see these colors in the uniforms of patients and staff and in pictures used to decorate the hallways. Green potted plants are also used to beautify the place for the same reason.

If you have a problem relaxing or sleeping, you have to use both these colors around your home and certainly in your bedroom. One way would be to have green and blue images to look at. Another way could be to paint your walls with either of these colors. Be particularly careful while painting the walls because it would be best to use pale shades of blue or green. Dark colors will not give you the required effect and they will be counterproductive.

Blue also encourages communication and understanding between two people, and is therefore the best color for a bedroom. You do not need to overdo the color and make the room boring. Instead you can use different shades of the same color so that you can achieve your objective of getting some peace and a good night's sleep without making the room monochromatic. Pick up some beautiful green or blue images that complement each other and that are able to fit harmoniously with the color scheme of your room. Just remember to avoid using colors that clash with each other because that will disturb your sleep.

If you are unsure about how to proceed and cannot afford the services of an interior decorator, you could read up on this subject and do the job yourself. You are sure to be pleased with the results of your handiwork when you are able to enjoy better sleep and feel more relaxed all the time.

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