The Surprising Truth About Hypnosis That You Need to Know

If you're like most people, you think either that hypnosis is a scam--or that it can magically solve any issue or problem a human being could encounter in a lifetime.

Neither is true.

As a past hypnosis client and now a hypnotist for well over a decade, I would suggest that the truth resides somewhere in between. Hypnosis isn't pure magic, and it can't cure every problem in the blink of an eye.

But it is far from a scam. Here is the unvarnished truth about hypnosis in the hands of a practiced hypnotist when working with a willing client:

Hypnosis can be surprisingly effective. (Otherwise it wouldn't be used for decades at the famous Mayo Clinic.) At its most effective, hypnosis can help solve issues and remove habits that have been obstacles for years--with surprising ease and often pleasure.

What is a hypnosis session like?

Most sessions begin with a relaxed chat. During this talk, the hypnotist elicits information about the issue the client wants to solve or the positive result s/he wants to achieve, and explains the process.

An issue can be that the client has smoked for many years and she wants to be smokefree, or that he wants to lose weight without feeling he is sacrificing all his pleasures. Those two issues are what most hypnosis clients seek help for.

But not everyone.

One of my specialties, for instance, is helping clients attract love and relationship into their lives even if they have been alone for years. But I have also worked on fertility issues when doctors say there is no apparent medical reason for the inability to conceive.

I have worked with people who believed they simply could not possibly get a: new job, significant other, loan, home, success in a marathon, slender body, smokefree life, confidence, attractiveness, or other deep desire.

Almost every time, the clients' own minds were holding them back, and they didn't realize they could actually change their minds to allow their wishes to come true.

This is not magic, witchcraft, a lie, or a dream. This is the power of one's own inner self, specifically, the subconscious part.

To the general public, a very surprising truth about hypnosis is that it usually works--when the client is willing, able, and truly follows instructions.

But far more surprising is this fact: The hypnotist is only a guide, reminding you (and your powerful inner mind) what to do.

All hypnosis is actually self-hypnosis. No one is forcing you to do anything (so forget those nasty horror movies you saw).

The hypnotist's client (you) is creating the changes in him or herself. The hypnotist uses intuition, experience, technique and training to guide, suggest, and remind clients what they want for themselves.

In fact, the hypnotist's job is putting those desires into words and pictures that the subconscious mind can grasp and act upon. And guiding the client into a natural state that helps turn the suggestions into actions and results in the client's life.

Another surprising truth? You can learn to hypnotize yourself so that you don't need to head over to the hypnotist's office every time you have an issue. And because frequent repetition deepens and expands the benefits of hypnosis, doing it for oneself (after learning how from a professional) increases the success rate tremendously.

How would it feel to hypnotize yourself into losing weight and toning up by making it easier to choose lower-calorie foods, exercise more--and all without disappointment or regret?

What would it be like to finally date the right people instead of the ones who end up causing you deep heartache?

Or to conquer that sports challenge or that seemingly-insurmountable barrier in your career?

Well, it is do-able. Really. Especially when you use hypnosis to enhance the skills, logic,
personality, diligence, and know-how that you already possess. Or to release the fear, disappointment, anger or reluctance you have developed over the years.

In fact, learning how to hypnotize yourself allows you to reinforce goals, desirable attitudes and results as often as you like, enhancing your results and maintaining them.

How great would it be to do all that in about 15 minutes a day?

If you are choosing a hypnotist for help with an issue or habit, ask if you can schedule an extra session or two at the end of your treatment to learn the self-hypnosis technique.

Self hypnosis, when used to its ultimate advantage, lets you be the master of your own destiny--no longer a slave to useless or destructive habits that may have been holding you back for years. Isn't that what you want most of all? ©2010 by Wendy Lapidus-Saltz, CH, NLPMP. 312-640-1584. All rights reserved.

Wendy Lapidus-Saltz is a hypnotist certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists. She specializes in love and relationship issues, releasing negative habits, quitting smoking for good, and work-life enhancement. Check out

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