An Easy Self Hypnosis Script

Self hypnosis is a self induced form of hypnosis which has grown exponentially in popularity over the last ten years. The reason for this is undoubtedly the increased availability of information and scripts people can use to learn self hypnosis.

Just like regular hypnosis, self hypnosis consists of three components. The process begins with an induction which is used to ease yourself into a hypnotic trance, this is then followed by a deepener which deepens the trance. After this has been achieved the main component can then be used, the hypnotic suggestions. These suggestions can focus on any goal a person may have, from losing weight to increasing self esteem.

It's been said that all hypnosis is self hypnosis and this is indeed true. When you are hypnotized by a hypnotist you are simply allowing them to guide you into a hypnotic trance. Because you can hear everything being said to you (you're neither asleep or unconscious when you are in trance), you are still in total control.

Here is an easy self hypnosis script to use, which you can adapt to your own needs. You may want to read through it once and twice until you have it loosely memorized (don't worry about being word perfect) and then you can close your eyes and perform the script in your mind.

Self Hypnosis Script

Begin with getting yourself in a comfortable position, you can either sit or lie down. Take several slow deep breaths through your nose and the close your eyes. Continue with this deep breathing pattern. With every exhalation say to yourself "deeply relaxed". From your head down to your toes feel every muscle in your body relieve itself of tension and become loose and limp.

Start to visualize yourself (either in first or third person is fine) exactly where you are, just as if you had your eyes open. Slowly start to fade down the background to black until only you remain. This may take you several minutes.

You will now be in a deep hypnotic trance. This is the time you can enter hypnotic suggestions and positive affirmations relevant to yourself. For example if you wish to lose weight you may use statements such as:

"I desire healthy foods."
"I want to exercise everyday."
"I know I can achieve my ideal weight."
"When I lose weight people will find me more attractive."

Asking yourself questions and then answering them positively is also an extremely effective technique.

"Can I lose weight and maintain it? Yes I can."
"Will I stick to my diet and exercise regime? Yes I will."

When you have finished priming yourself with these hypnotic suggestions count yourself down from ten to one - filling the empty scene around you back up until you reach one where you can open your eyes. You have now completed a full self hypnosis session, well done!

Self hypnosis works best if you perform it regularly. You don't need to spend hours a day in a room by yourself, five or ten minutes each day will do and you can do it before you go to bed so you are nice and relaxed and can enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

I trust you will find this exercise useful and it will help you to improve your life however you want.

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