The Law of Attraction in 5 Simple Steps

The idea that the universe is a giant living presence consisting of energy is where the law of attraction is based. That each ting in the universe is basically made up of the same thing. Separateness is usually blamed to the fact that energy vibrates at different frequencies.

People can do a lot with this so called energy. They can mold this into whatever they chose it to be. This is practically the first step in applying the law of attraction.

Decide on what you don't want. Do not waste time thinking about the things that you don't want. People are so used to thinking about the things they don't really want that they become unfamiliar with thinking about what they really want. Thinking about what you don't want will help you decide what you do want. This is called contrast and is the first step in applying the law of attraction. It's an everyday thing. Like going shopping and choosing the shirt you want, or selecting your meal or flipping through the channels on TV. Sift through the options you have and then select your desire choice.

Decide on what you really want. Most people don't even make it to this step because they're focused to much on what they don't want and all the negativity it brings. Figure out what you really want. This will probably take time because we're not used to thinking about the things we want. It might else get uncomfortable at times because of all the doubts but try to get through all of that and focus on the things you want. The law of attraction is concise and it won't know what to bring you unless you give a specific something you want.

Visualize the things you want to achieve. By doing so, this vision will be transmitted to the universe, win in turn will conspire to make the mental picture show up on the visible screen of space. The last of attraction is also based on the idea that energy attracts energy. Your mental picture of the thing you want will attract the energy it needs for it to be manifested.

When you visualize, keep in mind that your emotions play a big role in attracting those energy. Use you 5 senses in imagining that that picture is already real.

Move into action and do not just visualize. Once your mental picture has attracted inspiring ideas, act on them immediately. Your visualization intensifies and in not time, the law of attraction will be in action and it will bring you energy to fulfill that mental picture. Inspired action help make a direct path to your goal. Your thoughts attract anything you want but it's only through actions that you'll be able to receive it.

Allow the universe to do it's work. Allow the universe to orchestrate. Your job is to figure out what you want, act on it and let go of all the negativity. This is challenging because most people want to be in control. You must let go of that control and let the universe do it's work if you would want the law of attraction to work.

The law of attraction is always in action. Whether you use it consciously or not, it proceeds just as it has since the beginning of time. Take control of your life today by learning how to use the law of attraction.

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