How to Become Another One of the Law of Attraction Success Stories

There are way too many law of attraction success stories to count. How would you like to be next? The law of attraction can be called, a metaphysical principle that says, the people, events and things in your life is primarily there because you attracted them by the energy that you generate.

We know, from science, that everything is made up of energy, and that includes matter. We are beings of energy, living in a universe of energy. The energy which reverberates through us, from our beliefs and thoughts, feelings and emotions, our fears and dreams and our general outlook on life, is the energy that we will draw back to us, like a magnetic force, according to the law of attraction.

The documentary film called, The Secret, focused upon the law of attraction & how to use it to benefit you own life, and create the world that you want. Even before Oprah publicized it, millions of people viewed the film and were talking about it, and then Ms. Winfrey started doing shows about it. The movie and the conversation became even more popular, as a result

The law of attraction, the term itself, has been in print for close to a century, long before the movie was ever made. The concept, is literally thousands of years old, but something truly incredible happened when, The Secret, exploded unto the scene. Having that many people suddenly become aware of such vital information, including a lot of them who decided to live by it, was nothing less than a paradigm shift in the consciousness of Planet Earth.

There are literally hundreds of millions of people on the planet that became aware of concepts like the following: Ask, Believe, Receive; Energy Goes Where Attention Flows; and, Thoughts Become Things. A decent percentage of these people started to act upon these ideas, and a great many lives have been affected in truly dramatic and positive ways, as a direct result.

It should be said, for the record, that the law of attraction is always in action, whether people are aware of it and accept it, or if they reject it or have never heard of it. The implication of this is that all success stories are law of attraction success stories. All stories, are law of attraction stories. Whether you attract positive things or negative ones is 100% down to you.

When you are aware of its existence, and you embrace it and live your life like another of the law of attraction success stories, you begin to accept your power that is your birthright. You take personal responsibility for you life, like never before. You understand how vital it is to not give time and energy to your fears, and you no longer allow them to control your thoughts, (since you are aware that energy goes where attention flows.) Instead, when you feel a fearful thought, you change the channel, so to speak, to the opposite of the that thought.

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