Three Steps to Effective Dream Recall

Remembering dreams is possibly one of the most challenging things that a person could practice in their life, but possibly also one of the most rewarding. Exploring your dream landscape can open a whole new world of possibilities for you, and that is just the beginning of what you can discover if you delve into the art of dream recall.

First off, why would you even venture into this practice? Know your reasons. This will take time, and if you do not have a strong reason, your patience can run out pretty quickly. So the first thing you need is a purpose.

Next, you might want to know about the rewards. One of the best rewards is that you get to know yourself better. Dreams are like mirrors; they show us what we really feel, even if we deny it consciously. Often, this can be a very unsettling experience. But once you face your own inner demons, you find ways to improve yourself.

Another reward is that you will improve your memory. Constantly using your memory to remember your dreams is like exercise that helps develop your memory muscles. The more you use it, the better your recall of not only your dreams but also of things in your conscious life. So try to practice dream recall as often as possible.

For now, we will focus on the few steps that can make dream recall very simple to do. It can still be challenging, but a lot of people have already attained success by using this process.

First Step: Habit

Decide on a specific time each night when you should sleep. A consistent timing each night sets the proper frame that tells the mind you should be doing something at this time of the night. The reason is because humans are creatures of habit. For example, if you get the habit of biting your nails when you are nervous, you do it even if you are not consciously thinking about doing it.

Second Step: Dream Journal

Keep a dream journal and pen on the bedside table. Make sure you include a table lamp, or anything that can make it easier for you to write. From the first second you wake up, you start to forget details from your dream, and it just snowballs from there, until all you get is a blank screen, with vague feelings and images.

The key is to write keywords that will easily remind you of an image or emotion from your dream recall. Writing detailed sentences can be tempting, especially if it is a vivid dream, but you will lose other details because you are so caught up in writing only one part of the dream recall.

Third Step: Affirmation

This step is very important, but often left out. You need a concise but loaded affirmation, such as "I remember my dreams as I wake up ," and you need to repeat it to yourself when you are about to sleep. It is ideal to think about your affirmation during the state when you are already seeing dream images but still pretty much awake. The affirmation will enter your subconscious and help it make a reality.

Seems simple enough, but if you leave out at least one, it will be harder to remember dreams. If you keep at it, you will begin to remember your dreams effortlessly. So have a happy dream recall.

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