Self-Hypnosis For Deeper Relaxation

People who hear the word "hypnosis"often immediately think about a person pulling the strings of his victim, making them do anything. This is unfortunate, because hypnosis is actually one of the best tools that a person could use to improve many areas of his life.

However, it is still highly suggested that a client needs to bring someone they trusts so that the client can be at full ease during the session, because for a hypnosis session to be successful, the client has to be relaxed.

This article will focus more on the use of self-hypnosis to improve oneself. Yes, you do not need another person to hypnotize you; you can very well do it on your own. However, there are things that are best left to professionals. So we will focus instead on a simple useful technique of self-hypnosis that can help you become more relaxed and less stressed.

Self-hypnosis also requires you to be relaxed, so it is best to perform this when you are alone. You should also make sure that no one and nothing will accidentally disturb you while you are under self-hypnosis, so you should either tell everyone in the vicinity not to disturb you, or put a sign, and to turn off phones or set them on silent mode. Such rude interruptions can cause extreme discomfort, but nothing worse. But it is a waste of time to have to repeat the process because somebody walks in.

The best posture is to simply sit down comfortably with your back straight. Lying down has the effect of putting a person to sleep, because our body takes it as a sign that you want to sleep. However, even if you fall asleep, you will still get the benefit of relaxation, so feel free to lie down, especially if you wish to perform this exercise before you sleep.

When you are in a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply twice, and then just breathe naturally. Next, imagine the muscles of your toes slowly relaxing. Imagine that this wave of relaxation is slowly going up your legs, relaxing everything in its path. Once it reaches your belly and torso area, imagine it relaxing all your internal organs as well, the intestines, stomach, lungs, heart.

Once you reach your shoulders, imagine the relaxing wave slowly flowing down your arms and into your fingers. Next, imagine it flow back up your arms, and into your neck, relaxing your throat. Once it reaches your face, slowly relax your facial muscles, your jaw, lips, cheeks, nose, eyes, eyebrows, ears, and forehead. Imagine it reach the top of your head, and flow towards the back of your head.

You can also imagine the relaxing wave flow from the top of your head down towards your feet. With this technique, you can imagine the wave like flowing water from a shower. You can also do these exercises alternately, starting from your toes, flowing to your head, and then letting the wave flow back down to your toes. You can repeat this self-hypnosis exercise as much as you like until you feel relaxed.

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