Cosmic Ordering - From Dream To Reality

These days, more and more people are trying to enhance their lives by various means. They are trying to have a life which has the luxuries that they desire and are also able to want and appreciate the blessings that they already have. Now days there are a lot of ways and means to realize your ambitions and dreams, however the best method out of these is cosmic ordering.

Cosmic ordering is nothing but a different form of a spiritual practice which enables you to get all your wishes and desires fulfilled by the universe. All you need to do is to ask or just order and you will get it. Though this may be some what a spiritual process but it doesn't mean you need to be a saint to get the results. Yes, if you are one, then it will only help but this process works for normal people as well.

When you are able to spiritually manifest your goals and dreams, then it's known as cosmic ordering. All you need to do is ask for what you want from the universe or just state your ambition. It can be something as easy as getting a new pen to some thing as big as wanting to be a millionaire. You don't have to know how it will happen, whether it will happen by changing your life or conditions.

Noted spiritual gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Deepak Chopra reveal that you need to enter a particular energy field known as the field of intent to manifest your desires. This is nothing but a kind of a frequency where we form a spiritual connection with the universe and that's when our desires are physically manifested by the cosmos.

There is a high probability that you have done cosmic ordering before without realizing what it really was. If you jog your memory, then there must have been a time when you really wanted something badly and you got it. Most people term it as a coincidence and don't realize the true power they have. It's never a coincidence, it was just cosmic ordering.

To use cosmic ordering, you need to have the right kind of intention. Intention is nothing but a mix of our desires and faith which makes us believe that we deserve the best in life and that this faith can help us in creating a better life for ourselves. The cosmos only accepts your orders when you really want something badly and believe that you are worthy of receiving it.

There are many people who may say that they want a new house or a coveted promotion or job. However, deep inside consciously or subconsciously they may not believe that they worked hard to get their wishes or that they deserved it. For this to work, you need to believe that you deserve what you are asking for.

It's not as tough as it sounds, cosmic ordering is really easy. It has its own cons as well since if you order negative or think about negative things they will also be delivered to you by the cosmos!

Hence, if you think your boss will fire you and keep thinking that, then chances are that it will happen. Therefore, you need to just think, talk and believe that you will get all the positive things that you desire and want.

Many people who have been trapped in bad conditions and think that they don't deserve happiness or the good things of life don't really realize the truth and hence it is almost next to impossible for them to learn to manifest the good things.

Your subconscious mind can also become your biggest enemy and hindrance in manifesting the things that you desire because the beliefs fed into it for years may not allow it to believe in the cosmic ordering service.

To really be successful in ordering what you need from the cosmos, you need to prepare your subconscious mind to believe that you are worthy of being happy and getting what you want. It's not a tough thing to change the beliefs and innermost thoughts of your subconscious. There are various tools like meditation, affirmations and hypnosis which can change that

Lot of people world over have used cosmic ordering to manifest the life they want. Its time for you to also use this tool and get the life you really want. Now is the time to use cosmic ordering to have a great and prosperous life.

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