Cosmic Ordering: How to Have Your Wishes Fulfilled

Cosmic Ordering is the belief that human beings can influence events in their lives by sending requests out into the universe. The theory is based on the belief that we all possess certain energies which, when released, attract similar energies, thereby helping us to achieve our goals. While the idea has been popularized in recent times by celebrities such as TV presenter Noel Edmonds, the concept itself is actually as old as the hills.

The principal behind it is very simple: if we send out negative energies, we will attract negative energies. When we attract negative energies, negative things happen. If we send out positive energies, we will attract positive energies, and positive things will happen. Through Cosmic Ordering, people seek to take this principal one step further, and actively use it to make things that they wish for come true.

In order to harness this energy, the person wanting to make a wish writes it out in the form of a letter addressed to the cosmos. He/she also sets a time frame in which the universe is expected to respond to the request. It is absolutely essential to be in the right frame mind when doing this. After making their wish, the person must let go of it, and allow the energies of the universe to take over.

When trying this for the first time, it is recommended to start with smaller requests, and gradually build up to larger ones over a period of time. As the smaller requests are fulfilled, a person's confidence in the method will grow, and so will his/her positive energies. Do not overreach at the start; the larger the request is, the greater the amount of positive energy needed to fulfill it.

Keeping a positive frame of mind while waiting for the fulfillment of any wish, is essential. Having doubts creates negative energies that may interfere with the process.

Many people choose to keep a log of their wishes, indicating the date and time on which each one was made. As each wish is fulfilled, they cross it off the list, noting when and under what circumstances it came about. Keeping the wish in mind, along with the expectation of its imminent fulfillment, helps to support the universal energies in bringing it about. Some people will also use visualization techniques to enhance the positive energies surrounding the wish, and remove psychic blockages. By actively picturing the eventual fulfillment of the wish, visualization helps to change a person's thinking from 'it can't happen to me to me', to one of 'it will happen to me'.

Cosmic Ordering is a modern practice, that, in actuality, it is a continuation is other, older, practices found throughout the world. The Chinese healing art of Qiqong, for example, is based on the manipulation of "chi" or the energy found in nature. Another example is found in the universal religious practice of prayer, where a supplicant places a request before the Deity, then patiently waits in faith and expectation for its fulfillment. In today's world, simply maintaining a positive outlook has been proven to have beneficial effects both mentally and physically. Who is to say that sending positive energies out into the universe won't get you the results that you're looking for?

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