How To Use Hooponopono To Revise, Heal, And Improve Your Life

Today I ran across a quote that really struck me as a simple way to explain what we can do when we practice the Hawaiian self-healing art of spiritual growth and forgiveness called ho'oponopono. The quote goes like this...

"It's never too late -- in fiction or in life -- to revise." Nancy Thayer

You see, in Hawaiian, the word HO'OPONOPONO means to make right, to rectify an error.

Rectifying errors is usually a large part of any revision process, whether in terms of writing fiction OR in terms of clearing our subconscious minds of beliefs and unconscious patterns of behavior that really do not serve us and, in fact, sabotage our efforts to succeed in all areas of our lives.

Practicing hooponopono CLEARS or CLEANSES or ERASES our subconscious mind of its "errors" -- limiting beliefs that are based on unconscious memories, beliefs, and patterns and which prevent us from living a peaceful, happy, successful, abundant life.

Those limiting beliefs and unconscious memories and patterns are formed as we have lived our lives and interacted with our family and others -- starting while in the womb, and even originating in past lives -- and they continuously build up upon themselves. That's because, as explained by the universal Law of Attraction, "Whether wanted or unwanted, we attract more of whatever vibration we offer in every moment" (or, more simply, "like attracts like").

Therefore, we endlessly seem to gather more and more evidence that life JUST IS a certain way, and we may believe that we are powerless to change it. It may never even OCCUR to us that life could be drastically different and better!

We may find ourselves experiencing the same "problems" over and over again, even while interacting with different people, or even whole communities of people like school mates, work associates, or other members of our church or spiritual group. We may attract the same kinds of dysfunctional relationships with lovers and close friends, or repeat the same destructive ways of dealing with our own children that we hated our parents for.

But, if we can REVISE what makes us keep recreating the same experiences in different ways with different people over and over and over again, and get back to what some have termed the "zero frequency" where Divine guidance can clearly be heard, felt, or sensed, then we can free ourselves to enjoy lives that are much more joyous, peaceful, happy, and abundant.

While ho'oponopono originated in ancient Hawaii, it has recently also been "revised" -- updated and simplified -- by teachers who are well-known today like Joe Vitale (author of "Zero Limits"), Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, and Mabel Katz (author of "The Easiest Way"). Each has made it their mission to help us use hooponopono as a clearing tool with which we can improve our own lives along with the help of the Divine.

Thanks to the technology of today like the Internet and digital information products, it's easy to delve into more instruction on using ho'oponopono in our own lives in order to REVISE what's not working for us now into a new state of consciousness that can empower us to create lives that we can love!

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