How Our Subconscious Works

Exploring the facts and intricacies of subconscious mind is a very interesting subject. A lot of intellectual brains have given several hours of their life in untangling this puzzle. Yes, you can call the subconscious mind a big puzzle. Its takes time to solve this puzzle but it is worth putting this effort. Every body in this world has some goals in their life, but few achieve it. The reason for non fulfillment of the goal is that the mind does not believe in achievement of this goal. The mind is full of biases which drive a person towards failure. Particularly when the goal does not relate to the present experience of life then the achievement becomes even difficult. This fact makes it even more important to know how our subconscious works.

Generally the subconscious mind controls all the basic sensory organs of human body. These sensory organs act as an interface between human brains and the outside world. Even when we are not aware, our sensory organs continue to send the signals to our subconscious mind. All of these information's are stored in our subconscious mind for processing. Our subconscious mind is like an ocean of information, but we do not access to all these information's. Our subconscious mind passes only relevant information to our conscious mind. When we say relevant, we mean information on which we have some experience. Like when we are watching a movie, a lot of activities are happening on the screen but we focus only on people on main lead roles.

But apart from these people, so many supporting actors, background scenes, music instruments, color of clothes, clouds in the sky, shoes each of the characters are wearing etc are some information we do not pay a lot of attention. This does not mean that eyes and years are not sensing these signals. Our eye is like a camera capable of recording images endlessly.

What ever comes in front of the lens gets recorded. Try to take a photograph of yourself from your digital camera and handover the same to a family member, and then ask what they see in the photo? Their instant reply will be "you". But does that photo have only you in the scene? No, it also contains loads of other information's than you can imagine. A high resolution camera can even record the smallest of dust lying on the floor. You can zoom the image and see it, but normally we do not care to go in this detail. But the fact of the matter is, this dust is actually there, we simply do not seem to realize it.

A situation may come in life when you would like your mind to focus more on this dust (say a goal of your life) in this case the subconscious mind will start sending you relevant information's about this dust every time it records something about it. So it is important to make your subconscious mind realize that you are interested and serious about the dust (your goal of life). Once your mind realizes this, the rest work becomes a piece of cake. So this is a small exemplification of how our subconscious works.

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