Trust Your Instincts

I remember hearing about a book years ago from a friend. It was called "Talk and Grow Rich" and one of the things that was said in there was "If an idea comes to you from your subconcious mind, then it's coming to you because you have the ability to pull it off."

For example, if you suddenly get the idea while you are having a shower and a shave tomorrow morning that you should start running ghost tours around your town or city, perhaps you should listen to it.

(Sorry, my wife is reading the "Twilight Series" of books by Stephanie Meyer at the moment and I am being influenced by talk of Vampires and Werewolf's.)

Anyway, my point is that each of us is unique.

And if you read something in one of my emails...

or in one of Brian Tracy or Anthony Robbin's books... or perhaps you hear Dan Kennedy or Peter Sun say something... you should take that information and let it sit inside you for awhile...

... before deciding if it works for you.

I get up early each morning, usually before 5am.

That works for me.

Other people might like to work late. Other people might like to follow the strategies of "The Four Hour Work Week" (although I'm yet to meet anyone who has personally pulled this off) and work just half a day a week.

My point is that each of us needs to learn to assimilate information and make it our own.

And trust our instincts while we are at it. After all, when we get an idea which ignites our passion, something just "fires off" inside our brain and we KNOW there's something special about it.

Even Sir Richard Branson believes this, saying that he will push through ideas with his management group, simply because he gets a great feeling about it.

In Malcolm Gladwell's book, Blink, he says the same thing: you can have all the research in the world, but usually your first gut feeling about a person or a thing is the right one.

So here's what I believe is one of the most misunderstood keys to success.

First, you need to get your reticular activating system working by focusing on what you want and drawing opportunities to you.

How does the Reticular Activating System (or RAS for short) work? It's basically a way of focusing your mind and noticing opportunities.

For example, you decide you want to buy the latest model of BMW and all of a sudden you see it everywhere on the road.

The RAS works the same way: you decide you want to find a new office suites and you notice ads you didn't notice before... or signs on windows you used to drive right past.

Anyway, enough about RAS. After all, it's just one step in the equation.

The second step is once you can visualize what you want and have your RAS working for you, you must listen to your intuition.

And when your intuition says "YES" then follow it no matter what.

It happens to me when I write copy. I come across a headline and my intuition says "YES" - it is often spot on!

It happens when I purchase certain information products.

It happens when I meet people.

It happens when I receive new leads.

So learn to trust your instincts. Because under your instincts, in my view is a depth of wisdom which our logical minds don't see.

Scott Bywater is a direct mail copywriter and the author of Cash-Flow Advertising. To get access to his highly prized complimentary copy of '7 Ways To Get More Customers" (valued at $29.95) and to join his controversial and insighful "Copywriting Selling Secrets" newsletter where you'll uncover the truth about why most ads and sales letters don't work (and how to make yours stand out from the rest) head on over to his web site at

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