Being a Great Leader in a School
Teaching is perhaps one of those areas most under appreciated by the population. Not because they dismiss the influence teachers and school have on children - no, in fact we're more aware of this today than in previous decades.
By Simon Oates
How Should a Leader Develop More Power?
In order to succeed as a leader or manager it is important that you develop more power. But many people are suspicious of the word power as it evokes two opposite sets of emotions; positive and negative.
By Chris Farmer
Are Leadership Courses Going Downhill by Going Online?
Leadership courses are a fantastic way to gain new leadership knowledge - there's no doubt about that. Leadership courses have been around for centuries, but however they have really taken off in a big way in the 21st century.
By Simon Oates
Market Leadership is Extremely Difficult - What You Need to Do to Succeed
Online marketing is becoming increasingly difficult to succeed in as a continuing marketer, never mind as a new starter! To hope to start marketing in an area of business online at the moment, and at the same time expect to be a market leader...
By Simon Oates
Leadership and Martial Arts: Way to Develop Better Leadership Skills in Kids
Confidence is one of the most important gifts that we can give to our children and ourselves. We know that for a child, confidence is a major ingredient for a successful life. Children who are enrolled in martial arts often discuss how martial...
By Dustin Fennell
Leadership "Beauty" More Than Skin Deep
A recent study by Duke University professors indicated that men with square jaws and a strong physical presence won the "beauty" contest or should I say, the casting call for what "real" leaders are meant to look like. I wonder if this research...
By Sylvia Lafair
3 Core Leadership Strategies
Did you ever learn to play chess? Not the most popular game for this century when we move at the speed of light. However, it is a vital game for anyone who...
By Sylvia Lafair
Leadership Personalities: Laid Back, Hesitant or Avoider?
Jack was a boss who loved to let his leadership team tussle with issues and come to him when they had solved the problem. Often this worked. However when the team came to a stand still, when they had heels dug in and no solutions in site they...
By Sylvia Lafair
Leadership Development And Its Benefits
A lot of people know that being a good leader isn't purely based on what a person has. Although some characteristics of being a leader are shown at an early age, good and effective leadership is generally obtained from trainings and workshops.
By Bart Icles
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