A Frugal Funeral: Funeral Services That Don't Spend A Fortune

At a funeral, families who are left behind not only bear the sadness of the parting, but also face the anxiety once they find out about the cost of the funeral services especially for the unexpected death of a loved-one.

The price normally includes funeral services such as preserving of the body or embalming, chairs and tables rental plus the funeral home as the venue, flower arrangements, transport, food and beverage at the wake and other necessary supplies. The vault, gravestone and someone to administrate the entombment go into the preparation list as well.

For families who are already suffering from the pain of loss, all the additional expenses can really become a great burden. There are ways to bring down the expenses and still honor or give respect to your departed relative.

1. Plan ahead to save. Prearranged funerals save you money and minimize tension and stress among the family. Many people decide on preparing ahead for their own funeral or a family member's funeral and set aside money for it The tension you'd feel as you make financial decisions at the funeral will also be reduced. If you can afford it, prearrange with a funeral home of your choice. Most of the time, you'll be offered with a cheaper cost when paid ahead.

2. Get your own officiator. Go to a minister pastor, priest or a family member who you personally know to take care of the services. Having a pastor who knows you in person will allow him to make the occasion memorable by sharing insights about your life.

3. Cremation isn't a bad idea. It is widely chosen as substitute to a traditional funeral because it is cheaper. Apart from the truth that it would take less time, several members of the family or your friends may want to keep ashes with them, bury or sprinkle it somewhere - with cremation, these personal rituals are possible. Ashes can also be very meaningful to loved ones. Budgeting for the cost on caskets, a plot and other entombment fees won't be something you'd worry about anymore in cremation.

4. Limit viewing time. Fixing the viewing time everyday can effectively cut down funeral expenses. If you picked out cremation or if you keep viewing time short, it might not be obligatory for the body to be embalmed - depending on sanitation and health rules. Unless of course other family members or relatives would still wish to have some time to say goodbye to the departed loved-one for the last time, then burial time can be prolonged.

5. Conduct the funeral at your place. If you have extra room in your house, you may want to clear it out and turn it into a venue to avoid paying rent at a funeral home. It also allows for a personal ceremony among very close families and friends.

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