What Is Grieving?

Funeral services for a dearly departed is an action that can help you face your own sorrow. Almost all cultures have a manner of honoring the dead. The manner of giving tribute gives comfort, support, and solace for those who are left behind.

Grieving is an individual's innate reaction to loss. It is the suffering we go through when we lose something that or someone who we love as dearly as our own lives.

The following are some samples of losses that can give you anguish:

- a breakup with a person you have a relationship with - you lost your job - loss of the opportunity to follow a dream - a family member reveals to you he or she has a deadly illness - you are diagnosed with a fatal illness - your spouse declares that the marriage is over and needs a divorce - loss of a cherished friendship - your pet passed away - a loved one dies

All these instances can make us grieve. Of all the instances cited above, we feel the most intense anguish if a loved one - be this a son or daughter, a mother or father, or a spouse - dies. Nothing can ever be a substitute for their place in our hearts and minds.

We may have shared a large portion of our existence with our loved ones who have died. And life loses its former grandeur because of their demise. We experience the pain of having someone we love taken away from us. Still, to be able to move on once again, we must go through the grieving process and reclaim the fragments of our lives.

There are no hard and fast instructions on how we must grieve. Yet we must opt for healthy ways to express the pail, which can encourage the healing that we need after experiencing loss.

Grieving is often equated with all-out crying each time the memory of a beloved crosses our mind. However, tears do not constantly signify grief. One can look unemotional on the outside yet is breaking up from the pain of loss within.

Grieving does not have a time limit, such as the "prescribed" duration of just one year. How long the grieving process lasts varies between individuals. If you are undergoing a grieving period, don't rush yourself to instantly "get over it." Time heals all hurts and wounds.

Death is a sensitive time. Give your deceased loved ones the funeral they deserve with a peaceful funeral service. This article, What Is Grieving? has free reprint rights.

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