Functions Of An Undertaker In A Funeral Service

Undertakers or funeral directors are perhaps the most significant people, apart from the close relatives and clergy to be associated with the funeral service. These are people who help you arrange the funeral, right from the beginning to the end. The task of undertakers is such that they have to be ready anytime during the day and on any day of the year.

A number of decisions need to be taken in the occasion of a person's death, which the bereaved family may fail to take because of the unexpected catastrophe that befalls them. Herein lies the importance and utility of the undertaker. He assists you in deciding the time, venue and manner of the funeral rituals and services for the deceased. Additionally, the undertaker in fact helps you to be able to bear your loss, by simply being there for you and taking up responsibility of an organiser of the funeral services, which depict the love and respect you have for the departed.

Planning a funeral service starts with deciding upon its time, place and date and then communicating the same to family and acquaintances. After this is finalised, the undertaker assists you in bringing the deceased to the funeral home or to the venue where he or she is to be finally laid to rest. In the event of burial of the body, the undertaker helps in choosing the right casket for the deceased.

The whole organisation of the funeral service, from picking the flowers to selecting the headstone, including making preparations for clergy, music, food, transport and hymns, is done by the undertaker. All arrangements are made by the undertaker after discussing it with the family to ensure that the deceased is truly treated with respect.

Finally, some undertakers also help in appropriate embalming and shipment of the body if needed, and in planning and arranging for the funeral service in another nation if the person has died abroad.

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