Experiencing the Death of a Loved One
I debated whether or not to release this article since the topic can be seen in the negative. Most people only want to read uplifting stories. However, death is something that we must all contend with sooner or later.
By Dave Almeida
Messages From the Other Side!
Nowadays more and more people want to know what to expect when they die. They also ask me, "Where am I going to go when I die?" What is it like in spirit? Do we get to see people we loved? Do we get to meet other spirits? Do we have bodies?
By Cherokee Billie
Types of Bereavement
Differing bereavements along the life cycle may have different manifestations and problems which are age related, mostly because of cognitive and emotional skills along the way.
By Wikipedia
A Frugal Funeral: Funeral Services That Don't Spend A Fortune
At a funeral, families who are left behind not only bear the sadness of the parting, but also face the anxiety once they find out about the cost of the funeral services especially for the unexpected death of a loved-one.
By Luisa Battle
Sacred Buddhist Funeral Traditions And Their Significances
Buddhism is practiced the world over, the core of which is taken from the primary teachings of Lord Buddha. Mercy & love for mankind and realization of the Ultimate truth are essential in Buddhism.
By Ping Parks
Funeral Rites And Rituals
Funerals throughout the world are governed by many customs, rites and rituals. Funeral provides a chance to the relatives of the deceased to pray for him and come to terms with their loss and sorrow. Christian funerals are governed by the Church...
By Larry James
What Is Grieving?
Funeral services for a dearly departed is an action that can help you face your own sorrow. Almost all cultures have a manner of honoring the dead. The manner of giving tribute gives comfort, support, and solace for those who are left behind.
By Michal Denver
Traditions And Customs Followed In A Buddhist Funeral
A Buddhist funeral consists of extensive last rites performed according to sacrosanct rituals and traditions. The funeral service, according to Buddhism, signifies the setting free of the deceased person's soul, which was trapped in the mundane...
By Joy Tan
Functions Of An Undertaker In A Funeral Service
Undertakers or funeral directors are perhaps the most significant people, apart from the close relatives and clergy to be associated with the funeral service. These are people who help you arrange the funeral, right from the beginning to the...
By Glady Alvarez
Funeral Services: Dealing With The Sorrow And Pain Of A Beloved's Death
Death is our regular companion. Still, it does not prevent us from feeling pain and deep anguish when a beloved passes away. The death of a family member changes our perspective about life; this time, we think it is very precious and fragile.
By Bernard Kingston
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