Success is a Choice

Life is a funny thing! We all enter the world the same way; we are all given twenty-four (24) hours each day to spend for the rest of our life. It is how we choose to spend those twenty-four (24) hours that makes the difference about whether we will be a success or a failure. Whether we end up being successful or a failure is a choice that each of us must make. Life is a do it yourself adventure, although, you will never hear a failure admit that!

Some people are born with wealth and certainly have an edge over others in their pursuit of success. But being born wealth does not guarantee that a person will be a success; it only means that they are dealt a better hand and have the means to make themselves successful. The media always has stories of wealth failures; those people that made poor choices.

The most inspiring stories are those that involve people who have overcome extreme poverty and other obstacles to achieve their success. As ironic as it sounds; most of these people have used their handicaps as their inspiration to improve themselves and their lives. They made a conscious choice; to change their lives and to become successful!

There is a common thread in their stories that most have hit a point in their lives where they decided that they would not accept living as a victim. They made a conscious choice to better themselves!

If you look at it objectively; the only thing in our life that we cannot choose is into what family we are born! The rest of our lives are filled with choices and we can make those affect the course of our lives.

So how are you handling those choices? Are you pushing yourself to succeed or are you kicking back and accepting what others are giving you? It may be great today but you may not be happy when you hit the finish line!

To succeed you have to set a goal and learn the other components about what it takes to be a success. This all starts with a basic education, unfortunately, most people think that learning ends upon finishing their basic education. This is entirely false! Your real education begins with what you choose to do after the formal education ends. Make a commitment to yourself; never stop learning! The world is filled with more opportunities than you could ever imagine and success is waiting for you!

The media is always discussing the one percent (1%) that is the wealthy and is on top. Think about it! There is a lot of room at the top. Why be a part of the ninety-nine percent (99%) at the bottom of the pile and be unsuccessful?

A wise man once said "if you want to succeed; do the opposite of what the majority of the people are doing with their lives!" Remember that you have the power to choose your destiny! Why not choose the path to success?

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