Examples of Short Term Goals

Hey guys, it's Nate.

I hope everyone is doing well and is having a phenomenal weekend. Tonight I wanted to talk about something that we probably think on at least once or twice a day: Our short term goals.

So when we talk about short term goals, what do we mean exactly? I think it helps to realize that when we talk about short term, it actually means short term. The idea of 'short term' defined in Webster has a few meanings.

- A short period of time.

- A financial operation or obligation based on a brief term, especially less than one year.

- Generated by assets held less than 6 months.

The important focus is on the phrase 'short period of time'. This means that for whatever goal you may have in mind, if you view it taking a 'long time', it's probably a long term goal. Whereas for most of us, a few months, or close to a year isn't as long. So it's safe that we could consider this time span a short term goal. Now the question is, what types of goals could we achieve less than a year?

This is interesting, because the x factor here will be your diligence towards this goal. The harder you work towards it, the safer it is to say that you will achieve it much faster. It also never hurts to look at some examples of short term goals. Maybe you want to start a business, build that perfect bod, ace a huge exam, get your finances in order, etc. There are a plethora of short term goals that you can set to get you started towards these.

Here are some examples of short term goals to help give you an idea of what's possible in a relatively short time frame:

- Save $5 a day for 6 months ($900)

- Lose 3 pounds a week for 90 days.

- Study for your investing license, and take the test. (And pass!)

- Take up a foreign language (or two).

- Create a business, and generate sales.

- Outperform the rest of your coworkers.

- Take the $900 you saved and invest it into a high performing mutual fund.

- Take a road trip every weekend and see something new.

- Pick up bass guitar

- Learn how to drive a stick.

- Switch to a better job.

The list goes on and on. What's most important however is the grand ingredient that makes achieving all of this possible:


Yes, you won't be perfect coming right out the gate. No one is. The goal is to get better at what you do each and every day! It's just like when you learned how to ride a bike. You fell quite a few times at first. However..each time you fall, the chances of you falling the next time became less and less..until it just stopped. The same concept can be applied towards your goals. They all start in the short term. When that time passes, they then graduate into the realm of long term goals, where you begin to achieve all the things you used to dream of at one point. That point is open to all of us, and it is a beautiful place to be.

After all, you have to crawl before you can walk.

Nate is an advocate for self help and motivation. He believes that you can truly get anything out of life if you ask for it. He has created the site No More What If's as a gathering place for those who are looking to reach their goals and dreams.

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