What is Risk? (And Why You Should Take It)

Risk, as defined by Wikipedia is the potential of losing something of value, weighed against the potential to gain something of value. In other words, you are taking a chance at losing something, in order to gain something in the process. So, if we were to go by this definition of risk, or other similar variations, risk taking is something we engage in every day.

What is Risk Taking?

Risk taking, as mentioned before, is something you take part in more than you think. When we wake up, we're taking a risk. When we eat, we take a risk. When we are driving to and from work, we are yet taking a risk again. In other words, you are already a pretty nifty risk taker! However, when it comes to taking the risks required to reach a goal or get what we want, the stakes seem to change dramatically. You may already have a goal in mind, something that you really want, but when you think of the risks required to reach it, that goal all of a sudden starts to become a passing thought.

What makes these risks so much different than any other? It's hard to say. However, whatever it may be, it's enough to scare us into submission. We start to think of everything that could possibly go wrong, and then focus on that so much...and give it so much power than we do to our goals and dreams. The one thing that literally separates us between where we are and what we want is called risk.

This is the ONLY thing that differentiates from those who have what they want and those who don't. Luck, fate, etc. none of that plays a part. Those who have what they want out of life are those who were brave enough to go for it.

So how do we conquer risk?

The grand solution to conquering risk is through something called Faith! Faith is the idea of believing that something will workout in a favorable solution, against the odd of something bad happening. In other words, believing that things will work out in your favor. What's even more cool is that you're full of faith already! When you eat, you believe that you won't get sick. When you drive your car to work, you have faith that you'll make it there safely. When you go to sleep, you do so because you believe that you will wake up the next morning without any hesitation.

See I believe that the future will manifest itself in the way you believe it will. However, if we're not willing to take the risk for what we want, then nothing changes. We still work the same job, do the same routine, talk to same people, have the same relationships. Without risk, there is no room for growth. The two literally go hand in hand.

Imagine if you put that same faith that you have in your daily routine into your goals and dreams.... you'd be unstoppable!

Remember, there are only two guaranteed things in this world: Death and Taxes. I don't know about you, but I want a little more out of my life than just those two. We deserve to live. Love. Be successful. However, these things that so many of us desire only come to those who reach out and grab it. Take a risk. Challenge yourself to do something that you may have considered 'out of your character' or crazy to do. Take a step towards your dreams. Even if it's just one. So you can see that you really do have it in you to achieve anything you set your mind to. After all:

"The great things in life are worth fighting for."- Anonymous

Nate is an advocate for motivation and self improvement. He believes it is never to late for someone to bring out their innate greatness. This believe is what has brought the site No More What If's to life. The concept of 'No More What If's centers around leaving doubts and regrets behind by going for what you want! Join us today.

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