Success is a Choice
Some people are born with wealth and certainly have an edge over others in their pursuit of success. But being born wealth does not guarantee that a person will be a success; it only means that they are dealt a better hand and have the means...
By Amos Balongo
Examples of Short Term Goals
Hey guys, it's Nate I hope everyone is doing well and is having a phenomenal weekend
By Nate W.
What is Risk? (And Why You Should Take It)
Risk taking, as mentioned before, is something you take part in more than you think. When we wake up, we're taking a risk. When we eat, we take a risk. When we are driving to and from work, we are yet taking a risk again. In other words, you are...
By Nate W.
Start Achieving Your Dreams
We all dream to become something bigger. We dream of something more for ourselves. And we try everything we can to get hold of those dreams. And usually, when we fail to achieve those dreams, we doubt ourselves and...
By Irsan Komarga
How to Achieve Your Goals?
Why do we need to set goals in our lives? And why should we try to achieve these goals? Setting a specific goal will allow you to have a target. If you don't set any goals for yourself, you will feel...
By Irsan Komarga
How to Achieve Success in Life - Your Guide to Fame
You may be wondering how you can be a success. You see people everyday who seem like they are successful no matter what they do and where they go. How can people seem to be so successful in their life?
By Irsan Komarga
Life's One Achievable Goal
Most of us have many goals in life. These goals might have to do with work, finances, relationships and family. Some of the goals that many people strive for are to feel worthy, loved, and valued. Many people spend much time in their lives...
By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.