Need a Life Change? Tips to Find and Live Your Life Purpose

In order to fully enjoy all of your accomplishments and live up to your full potential, you have to know what your life purpose is. This is not something that you can learn from anyone else or that can be read online or in a book. It is something that requires you to do your own soul searching and ultimately implement a complete life change.

If you are wondering what you are here for or what you should naturally be doing with your time every day, it's time to get down to the hard work of discovering your personal life purpose. The following tips will give you some exercises to get started on the right track. Use them as a jumping off point to determine what type of life change is necessary for you right now.

Your Biggest Passions

There are things that you are great at doing because you are paid for them in your profession or because they are requirements for particular roles in life such as parenting. Then there are things that you are naturally great at and which you do simply because you enjoy doing them. These are your passions.

Passions make you happy and give you a deep feeling of accomplishment. They make you feel as if you have done something wonderful.

Identifying your passions will give you a big clue as to what your life purpose may be, so think it through and write them down.

What Fires You Up?

Next, think through and make a list of things of things that automatically get you excited or angry. What are the subjects that instantly have you plugged in and fired up from the moment someone brings them up.

For instance, maybe you are very sensitive to children who may be abused or to dog owners who treat their animals cruelly. If these are things that tug at your heart and that can make you go from pleasant and nice to angry and taking charge with a moment's notice, then those are things that could point you in the direction of your life purpose.

Your life change will likely have something to do with these things, so write them down as well.

Pinpointing Your Deepest Thoughts

Now, what things occupy your mind most of the time? When you get bored and find yourself drifting off, what is in your day dreams? Identifying what you are dreaming of or longing for could help you identify things that are missing in your life and could be requirements for a big life change.

Write down some brief notes about what is on your mind most of the time.

Connecting the Dots

Now you have a list of things, situations, and concepts that really mean a lot to you on a very personal level and it is time to start connecting the dots. Find correlations between your passions and the things that get you fired up and occupy your thoughts. These are all things that ultimately will lead you toward your life purpose and the big life change you are now searching for probably lies within this list you have just made.

It is important to actually live your life while you are searching for your life purpose. Don't sit around doing nothing or feeling depressed because you aren't certain yet what you should be doing with your life. Get out and do something with your passions and you will discover your life purpose eventually.

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