Signs of Drug Abuse to Alert You

If you are worried that someone in your family has a drug problem, but you are not certain yet as to confront this person or take action, here are some signs to look for.

The first thing that makes people start thinking if a certain person is having a drug problem is a change in the behavior of the person in social activities. If the person is neglecting his tasks and activities regularly and shows no interest in tasks that used to make him happy, there might be a problem. Teens that are failing classes and get in trouble in school very often is also a sign of drug abuse. Students that are skipping activities like learning a foreign language or going to the swimming pool might need attention. Another thing that is associated with that is complains. If you are getting complains from your child's teachers or from your husband's boss or any superior for that matter, you can assume that something is wrong. New friends that no one likes, reluctance in being with old friends or visiting the extended family might also indicate a need to be isolated in order to be free to take drugs.

The above signs are mostly coming from the social environment of the person. They are early signs and can be easily spotted. However, there are a number of other signs that can help you understand if something is wrong. These are coming from the person's behavior. The first thing to look for is a sudden change in appetite. Having too much to eat or not eating at all even if days have passed is a sure sign of drug abuse. Indeed for some drugs this is the first thing that happens. A change in the way the person acts is also a sign. Talking too much or not talking at all are two things that indicate a serious problem. More symptoms include lack of concentration and a fair memory.

For instance, if you have to say something many times and the person still forgets to do it, he might be facing a more serious problem. Red eyes, big pupils, trembling voice or not being capable to say a sentence that makes sense as well as loss of hearing that comes from lack of concentration are indications of drug problem. Insomnia attacks or sleeping too much are also common symptoms.

There are more symptoms that a person can't hide especially if he is taking the most common drugs. Nose bleeding, liver problems, respiratory problems, panic attacks or any health problem that is very frequent can be a sign. Even bronchitis that lasts longer than usually can indicate a drug problem. If you are looking for symptoms that will make your suspicions a reality, make sure you check the number one sign for drug abuse; loss of money. Drug addicts need money to get their drugs and they will do anything to find them. Chances are the person is asking for money more frequently than usual and for large amounts.

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