Gambling Addictions Destroy Lives In Many Countless Ways

Gambling addictions are becoming more and more commonplace nowadays. With mega-gambling casinos throughout the world, the popularity of online gambling and poker playing, gambling problems are becoming the new addiction of the era.

Gambling is glamorized by many, with the glitzy casinos and the seductive advertising of the gambling industry. In addition, casino gambling establishments offer very enticing deals for people with cheap travel packages knowing full well that they will earn that money back, plus some.

Gambling addictions and gambling addiction problems are severe addictions that have many consequences for the life of the gambler and his or her family.

A gamblers addiction can progress rapidly, resulting in emotional, financial, and social devastation in ways that can be considered irreparable.

It is no wonder that addictive gambling has the highest suicide rate of all addictions because of the life disruption that a gamblers problem can cause.

Poker gambling addiction, slot and pokies gambling addiction, and other forms of gambling can leave an addictive gambler feeling very alone, desperate, hopeless, and broke. It is a horrible state of being for any individual to be in, yet it is happening more and more frequently nowadays.

An addictive gambler becomes obsessed with gambling, and it takes over many areas of his or her life. As stated previously, gambling addictions destroy lives in many ways. Here are some ways that a gamblers addiction can accomplish this:

1. A severe gambling problem can affect ones' job and can easily result in job loss. The decrease in occupational functioning is a direct result of the gambling obsession, and missing work can be quite common.

2. Addictive gambling can disrupt the gamblers' family life in many ways. The gambler is out gambling while his family members are left at home and neglected. The family members wonder where there husband, wife, parent, or child is, because they never seem to be around anymore. This results in divorce much of the time, and a true breakdown of the family unit.

3. A severe problem with gambling can result in a breakdown of physical health, as a gambling addict usually does not take care of him or herself physically. When gambling becomes the most important thing in ones' life, physical health will suffer.

4. A gamblers addiction results in emotional and psychological suffering that usually manifests as severe anxiety and depression. Gambling problems and depression are very close bedfellows and the mood problems are inevitable because of the biochemical changes that happen in the brain due to gambling. In addition, the consequences of the gambling addiction lead to severe depression, anxiety, and many times suicide.

5. The financial devastation of gambling addictions is huge, and gambling debts can become enormous and a true burden to the addictive gambler and his or her family. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, maxed out credit cards and loss of savings as a result of gambling are quite common.

Gambling addictions destroy lives, and these are just a few of the ways that this addiction harms people when they do not stop gambling.

There is help for this addiction such as self help books for gambling, individual gambling counseling, gambling addiction rehabilitation, and Gamblers Anonymous.

Life is always better when you stop gambling.

Michelle S. Tee is a gambling self help coach and author who specializes in how to gambling addictions and how to beat addictive gambling

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